Womanizer for Christmas? Advent Calendar 2021 from Lovehoney

Although there is still a lot of time left until Christmas, Lovehoney has already presented its proposal of erotic Advent Calendar for 2021. Many may be surprised to find the famous Womanizer Classic among many other treats.


Since Adult Advent Calendars appeared on the market a few years ago, they have become a regular feature of the Christmas season in erotic stores. The combination of a generous and diversified range of adult products with the curiosity of what the next box hides makes it an ideal set for couples who want to count down the days until Christmas in a more delightful way.

There’s something for everyone

The Lovehoney Advent Calendar for 2021, contains 24 numbered boxes whose contents have been carefully planned to build and fuel erotic tension, before the grand finale on Christmas Eve. The whole thing is packaged in a subtle big red box that in no way betrays its contents. In fact, on the contrary, it may be a part of the Christmas decor.

Inside the mysterious boxes you will find erotic toys, as well as Bondage equipment or various kinds of foreplay accessories. Everyone will find something to their liking, as the products have been selected with both female and male needs in mind, as well as for joint play in couples.

Among the products that can be found inside the calendar are:

  • Womanizer Classic – An extremely popular item worldwide that alone costs as much as an entire Christmas set. Such a nice surprise is most likely the result of Womanizer brand owner Wow Tech Group merging with Lovehoney to form Lovehoney Group.
  • Blindfold – which will allow you to quiet your sense of sight and focus on touch.
  • Foreplay Cubes – offering 36 subtle combinations to heat up the atmosphere.
  • Scented candle – a pleasant vanilla scent will create a completely different vibe in your bedroom.
  • Kegel balls – a toy for beginners that also strengthens the pelvic floor.
  • Crystal anal plug – A nice aluminum plug for beginners.
  • Mini G-spot vibrator – Its slightly curved tip is designed for G-spot stimulation, but can also be used for clitoral point stimulation.
  • Wrist cuffs – the satin material is pleasant to the skin and the cuffs are easy to put on and take off.
  • Masturbator – short silicone masturbator that covers the tip of the penis.
  • Bunny penis ring – a silicone penis ring with so-called ‘bunny ears’ for clitoral stimulation during penetration.

These are just some of the surprises that await on the other side of the mysterious boxes in the Lovehoney Advent Calendar. Undoubtedly, the very presence of Womanizer Classic makes Lovehoney set the bar high this year. The truth is that just for this product alone it is worth buying this set. In fact, it can be said that this is an extremely nicely packaged Womanizer Classic with 23 extras! Such an opportunity will definitely not be repeated again soon.

You can purchase the Lovehoney 2021 Advent Calendar here.

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