Tenga wants to send its strokers into space

Even though this year marks an even 60 years since the first human flew into space, there are still many things that have yet to be explored out there. For example, according to NASA, to date no astronaut has yet had sex in space. Japanese brand Tenga has decided to do something about that.


Tenga, a company known for manufacturing high quality strokers, has from the very beginning placed great emphasis on using proprietary technologies in their products in order to offer the highest quality of sensations. Their products such as Air-Tech series, Spinner or Flip Zero are known all over the world.

Now the company’s founder, Koichi Matsumoto, plans to send his products into space to collect data to create the world’s first erotic toy for masturbation in space. As he said in an interview with the website IFLScience:

Since the company was founded, I’ve firmly believed that there will eventually be a huge need for TENGA in space. Sexuality and its needs are always a part of us, and so I want to take this opportunity, through my chance encounter with [Interstellar Technologies Inc founder] Takafumi Horie, as our first step into space-product development.

Some day perhaps, we’ll be able to create something that the likes of NASA will want to incorporate into their endeavours in space.

First sex toy in space

The launch of Tenga’s red rocket, a reference to the color scheme of the company’s first products, will take place within the next month, depending on weather conditions. It will take off from the Hokkaido spaceport in northern Japan and will fly upwards of about 100 kilometers.

A specially modified Tenga Cup stroker will be taken into orbit, which the company says will collect data on the conditions that exist in space and how they affect the toy.

Also taking to the deck, well known to fans of the brand, will be the company’s two iconic figurines modeled after popular products, ‘Tenga Robo‘ and ‘Egg dog‘.

As a token of appreciation for helping to fund the project with the Campfire crowdfunding page, 1,000 messages from Tenga supporters will also fly into space . The company has managed to raise 1,833,680 ¥ (16,500 USD) from its fans to complete the project.

The Tenga Rocket will carry messages from our fans and supporters of the project to space — messages of love and freedom from people around the world – Tenga president Koichi Matsumoto told IFLScience.

Space stroker

Tenga wants to be the first erotic toy manufacturer to create a device specifically designed for masturbation in space. The company envisions that such stroker would have to be equipped with a vacuum device that would prevent lube and ejaculate from escaping in a gravity-free environment. The device would suck up all fluids, in order to prevent them from floating freely throughout the ship or other space structure.

It is worth mentioning at this point that this is not the first time the adult industry has looked to space. A few days ago, CamSoda announced the launch of dildos modeled after spaceships, and in 2015, the Pornhub platform launched the Sexploration crowdfunding to raise funds to shoot a porn production in space starring Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins. Unfortunately, the adult site failed to raise the required amount of $3 million.

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