SVAKOM 10th anniversary interview with Fanny Chen

This year marks the 10th anniversary of SVAKOM, a globally recognized brand of luxury sexuall wellness products. ErotisNews reached out to Fanny Chen to learn more and talk about SVAKOM’s history, their products, team across the world, as well as educational and charitable campaigns.

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Founded in 2012, SVAKOM is a globally recognized brand of innovative and luxurious pleasure products that are available in over 70 countries around the world. The company is one of the fastest growing brands in the sexual wellness industry and for years, the company has placed great emphasis on designing, manufacturing and selling the highest quality erotic toys and is constantly expanding its product line to be able to provide the highest quality of pleasure to everyone, regardless of gender, orientation or sexual preference.

Over the years, SVAKOM products have received numerous awards and nominations including the RED DOT Award, IF Design Award, Golden Pin Design Award, and the XBIZ Award for the Product of the Year 2020. In addition, in 2015 SVAKOM received the prestigious Most Innovative Company award from Erofame and industry SIGN magazine awarded SVAKOM with the Best Toy Technology trophy and in 2017 the company received the Most Luxurious Toy Line award from Hong Kong AEE.

To get a better idea of SVAKOM’s brand history, products, initiatives that promote sexual health, and the brand’s plans for its 10th anniversary, we spoke with SVAKOM Head of Sales, Fanny Chen, who agreed for a SVAKOM’s 10th anniversary interview:

Marcin: Fanny, let’s start slowly with the basic question, what is SVAKOM and what type of products do you offer?

Fanny Chen: SVAKOM is a brand dedicated to bonding together advanced technology and elegant designs with the sole wish to create products that bring unforgettable pleasure. SVAKOM’s founder, David, decided that nothing is more important than providing users with a healthy and pleasurable experience, a sentiment which the industry has embraced with open arms.

We started SVAKOM primarily producing vagina-oriented products. We then started to expand our line-up first with products designed to use with partners, then Kegel training products, with the next step being products design for use with a penis.

We view ourselves as an inclusive brand, we create toys for all genders, body shapes, and sizes. Toys for all preferences. SVAKOM refrains for tailoring to a specific niche group, it’s a brand for everyone whether it’s your first toy or your fiftieth – no one should be left behind when seeking pleasure.

M: This year marks the tenth anniversary of SVAKOM, so let’s look back a bit. Can you tell me what was the main driving force that led to the creation of your brand in 2012?

FC: In order to answer this question, we have to start with the founder of SVAKOM. At the beginning of 2012, David Yu – founder of SVAKOM, started to research the sex toy industry and noticed the market was lacking in high-quality items with a price that doesn’t ruin one’s mood. David understood the needs of a market thirsty for something new, original, and ready to change the sex toy game forever.

Fanny Chen, Head of Sales at SVAKOM

M: So the market at the time lacked quality products at an affordable price. So what was the biggest challenge in creating a new brand in 2012 that sought to fill that gap?

FC: Finding talented and knowledgeable people for products of this type. Back then, in China, the majority of companies in this industry were OEM manufacturing and there weren’t any high-end brands. This meant that finding professional people to create a team that could confidently manage a luxury Chinese brand open to overseas markets was very challenging.

M: And now, looking at the last 10 years, has there been many changes in the industry?

FC: We are seeing more and more brands applying advanced technology to their products. SVAKOM started with the camera vibrator – Siime Eye – and went on to develop app toys alongside long-distance and interactive toys. Brands are increasing the number of patented products and we have even started to see celebrities creating their own sex toy brands as well.

Sex toys are on their way to becoming a cemented lifestyle product, and we are seeing that as more and more lifestyle channels start endorsing them. Big investors are stepping into the industry, and big companies have started merging which has certainly brought about big changes in markets such as Europe.

Over the last decade, we witnessed massive changes in this industry, it’s really fascinating in many different ways, and we look forward to the changes and challenges the next decade will bring.

M: I think everyone will agree that the changes and the direction the industry has taken in recent years is remarkable. Let me ask you something different now. Over the last 10 years SVAKOM has become a globally recognized brand, can you tell me what you would call the biggest success you have achieved?

FC: I would have to say that SVAKOM’s biggest success would definitely have to be its co-operation and teamwork. Success doesn’t happen alone or when departments act alone. Product development is certainly at the core, but there’s more than that. I would say there are two key aspects to our success: Flat management and the team at SVAKOM.

When we are traveling, a lot of people ask us “what’s it like working at SVAKOM?”, and I always explain to them that, you see, we have a very diverse team. There are a lot of people from different cultures and backgrounds. So, when we look for new team members we always search for independent strengths, a strength that they specifically can bring to the team. Everyone has their own strengths and we like to utilize that.

At SVAKOM the work environment is very flexible, we often utilize the saying “there’s no such thing as a bad idea”, we make sure that everyone’s voice is heard, and their opinions taken into consideration.

SVAKOM has very flat management. For example, the CEO and VP of the company see themselves more so in supporting roles, whenever we need their supports for products or with projects, they are there for us, and continue to be there for us whenever we need them.

We view ourselves as a team with “high-efficiency”. We have rules to maintain positive communication in all aspects of work. When we need to send a quotation to one of our clients, we do so within 48 hours, we also have multiple ways for team members to communicate and present.

Our team is consistently demonstrating the fruits of their hard-work and as such, trust has become incredibly valued within SVAKOM. The team produces high-quality work with high-efficiency because they know we trust them, and in turn they trust us.

Our biggest success, to go back to the question, is absolutely our team – a team with which we have slowly curated to compliment and support one another’s strengths and weaknesses.

M: I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting that answer, but it shows how amazing your whole team is. However, everyone can definitely see the effects of the hard work of your team. Over the last 10 years SVAKOM has been recognized with numerous nominations and awards. Which one is particularly important to you and why?

FC: We are incredibly proud and appreciative of all the awards SVAKOM’s products have received. However, there are two types of awards we find particularly important. We have won multiple RED awards and XBIZ awards. One conveys recognition regarding the excellence of our designs, whilst the other demonstrates the excellence of our brand from the eyes of our customers.

M: And what do you think is the most rewarding part of being a wellness brand?

FC: The people, and the emotions and experience our products bring to them. Whenever we go to trade shows, people come to us expressing their love for SVAKOM and the happiness they have found thanks to our products. It’s a magnificent experience, one that never ceases to bring about emotions of pride and achievement.

M: I would also like to talk about your products, but first lets have a little fun. If you were to tell the history of SVAKOM with your products, what would it look like? And why these products in particular?

FC: I think such a story can be told in several ways, but for me, the SVAKOM story told through our products would go like this:

Eye for the Future

We started with Siime Eye – the first camera vibrator in the market. This product represents and demonstrates our commitment to combining innovative technology in our products and, frankly, represents the core values of SVAKOM – in particular this product would represent the beginning of SVAKOM’s journey, bringing SVAKOM’s name in high proportions to the media and spreading brand awareness.

Nova Together

We would then need to take a step forward and look towards Nova, our first Kegel product – as well as our first product design less around sex, and more towards sexual wellness and life-style. Nova signifies a development within SVAKOM, a moment in which we decided not just to produce products that provide sexual pleasure, but ones that assist our customers with achieving a healthier life-style.

Life in Primo

As SVAKOM developed, the necessity for a wider range of products was made clear with Primo. Before Primo, the majority of our products were primarily vagina-oriented. A step towards SVAKOM realizing it’s dream of being a brand for all types of people.

With Ella Ease

Ella was our first toy to feature app control. This brought about a new set of products for SVAKOM, ones that were not only pleasurable, but fun & easy to use – as well as a little bit cheeky.

A Nymph of Fun

SVAKOM has always been dedicated to finding new and interesting ways to improve how people engage with their own sexuality and sex in general. Nymph marks the start of our foreplay products – mimicking sensual touch and providing a myriad of opportunities for those alone or together. Nymph showcases how SVAKOM has changed and signifies a part of our 10-year history in which we demonstrated are passion for our customers and their sexual well-being.

Master Alex

Alex was a brilliant addition to our line-up, being our first ever masturbator. Alex shows SVAKOM’s adaptability over the last ten-years, the way in which SVAKOM continuously looks to expand our range and find new ways to offer even more people pleasure. We could have stuck with our pre-established successful products, but we are always looking to improve and be better.

Rise of the Phoenix

SVAKOM loves finding new ways to ignite the sparks of passion. Phoenix has become a classic mark of our innovative ConneXion series, and also marks a pivotal point in SVAKOM’s history. With the introduction of the ConneXion series SVAKOM showed the world that despite the situation, we can always find a positive. Creating ways for others to continue enjoying themselves alongside others even from a distance or in situations where being together isn’t possible, SVAKOM’s history and future joined together.

Sam as Always

We cannot forget Sam Neo. It’s one of our most popular products all because of its great functionality and incredible technology. We understand the desire for simplicity, but we also know that simple can be made advanced. Sam Neo shows that something as simple as a masturbator can be improved upon to provide great pleasure. Sam Neo shows that SVAKOM will always stay true to its core principles.

I would say that these toys signify pivotal moments in SVAKOM’s 10-year history, and we hope everyone feels the same.

M: You mentioned ConneXion series between others, how do you see the success of ConneXion in this very competitive part of the adult market?

FC: The launch of SVAKOM’s ConneXion series was very successful, as of now we have 2 masturbators, and 3 vibrators within the series. We are partnered with a great and professional software company called Feel Connect, who assist us with the cam and interactivity functions of the products.

We would honestly say that this area is not quite competitive yet, it’s about who has the most advanced technology – combined with good quality products for that particular group of users. And there are still just a few brands entering this section of the market.

M: SVAKOM is associated with innovative and luxurious high-quality products. Would you agree, that this is a hallmark of SVAKOM?

FC: Absolutely. We listen to our users and gather feedback. We have testers of different genders, ages, and sexual orientations. Our team of in-house designers, while big, cannot vouch for the pleasure of everyone, so we take feedback seriously to improve our products and offer a better experience for everyone.

Further, SVAKOM has a certain style, and the materials we use are always body-safe and must pass all the necessary tests. We aim for high-quality, and we strive for Luxury. Our mission is to provide people around the world with high-quality products to live a healthy and sexually fulfilling life.

However I would say we’re not only that. The brands 3 key words are: luxury, pleasure, and inclusivity. We want people to see SVAKOM as a brand for everyone. Through the journey of seeking pleasure, leave no one behind.

Also we are a brand with a social responsibility. Since early 2020 we have joined forces with Trees for the Future and have planted over 26,304 trees throughout Africa to date. And we plan to plant even more. With the assistance of Drop in the Bucket, we built a new well for a health center in Pader, a town in Northern Uganda, to help improve the efficiency of the facility through clean, fresh water. We do this to help people in need.

Mahatma Gandhi once said:
… be the change that you wish to see in the world.” We will continue to try.

M: You mentioned Trees for the Future and Drop in the Bucket. Can you tell a little bit more about SVAKOM involvement in these campaigns?

FC: SVAKOM is a wellness brand, a brand that aims to improve the lives of everyone. We care about the world around us, current events, the planet. We try to give back whenever we can, to take responsibility for the privileged position we hold.

Drop in the Bucket was an opportunity for us to help those in a situation vastly different from our own. We are a brand for the people, and we can only be that if we help wherever we can.

Trees for the Future is an organization we work very closely with. We love their forest garden approach to helping the environment as well as the local farmers. I strongly encourage everyone to take a look at the work they are doing and the benefits that come from it. It isn’t as simple as planting a single tree, it’s training, removing food insecurity, developing people’s skills and innate talents, building an ecosystem in which people support the planet, and the planet supports them back.

M: SVAKOM also often participates in, or organizes events at various locations to spread awareness and positive sexuality. Why does a company that manufactures sexual wellness products get involved in such events?

FC: For SVAKOM participating in, or organizing, these events is a means of breaking down the stigma surrounding conversations of masturbation, kink, and sex. Creating spaces and events where people from all walks of life can attend, learn, and enjoy themselves creates an opportunity to alter the perception of sex-related topics, a means of normalizing human desire and need. There are plenty of people who enjoy sex and masturbation, as well as plenty who don’t. Being able to talk openly, and hear others speak with confidence, about sex-related topics chips away at the barrier of taboo.

M: Speaking of taboo… can you explain what Fxxk Taboos is and what is the purpose of it?

FC: Fxxk Taboos was originally created by the SVAKOM crew and started out as a monthly event. The idea behind it is to make people more open-minded and comfortable with quirky and sexually oriented topics, whilst learning about sex toys through fun and laughter.

We then developed a YouTube series focusing on sex education, creating and opening up a taboo-free, no-judgment space to discuss sexuality, orientations, fetishes, and day-to-day topics – the kind you’d discuss with your friends on a cheeky Friday night over a glass of wine. Sex, as well as sex talk, becomes less and less of a taboo as people are provided with more adequate and factual information. Fxxk Taboos encourages people to be confident within themselves and their sexuality, and educates people to strive for a healthy sexual lifestyle.

M: SVAKOM also get involved in other events not related to the industry, for example not so long ago SVAKOM sponsored a skateboard event in Buenos Aires. Why did you decide to do this?

FC: We do this for a reason not so dissimilar as to why we host the Fxxk Taboos events and participate in/organize sex positivity events. We aim to broaden people’s perceptions surrounding sex toys. At SVAKOM, and dare I say within the sex toy industry, sex and masturbation are viewed as normal everyday discussions. However, for the average person this isn’t the truth. By participating in events unrelated to the industry, we continue to shatter the barrier keeping sex away from regular discussion.

Seeing an advert or promotion for a sex toy should be as normal as seeing an advert for razors, clothes, hair products, anything. The Buenos Aires skateboarding event we sponsored was an excellent way to bridge the gap between sex toys and normalcy, a means of taking ourselves outside of the industry and encouraging people to talk more freely regarding their sexual needs and desires.

M: Now, lets talk about some fun, do SVAKOM team plan to celebrate 10th anniversary in any special way?

FC: Since our team is quite spread out across different countries, it can be hard to gather everyone in one place – especially for big celebrations what with the ongoing COVID situation.

Instead, we are planning to celebrate events with our local partners in a few major countries, inviting people from retail stores or everyone who wants to come. Of course, whilst respecting the current policy regarding COVID.

We will be doing some giveaways, preparing some games and prizes – all while planning an unforgettable experience similar to our Fxxk Taboos parties. We might even end up in Poland, you’ll need to keep your eyes and ears at the ready.

M: And for example, if you could instantly send all SVAKOM employees to any location for a 10th anniversary celebration, where it would be and what you would do there?

FC: We have more than 100 people in our office, and more than 200 people in the factory. Sending the whole company somewhere far away, while ideal, is very hard to achieve. However, Hawaii holds a certain significance for our team.

We set challenging sales and marketing goals for ourselves, goals which require dedication, hard work, and commitment. Through these goals we created an internal group chat called “Trip to Hawaii”. This helps to keep us motivated, as we decided that once we reach this goal – our whole team is going to Hawaii for a luxury holiday as a way to celebrate, let loose, and embrace the results of our hard work.

Through these goals, every member of our team chose something that would be a challenge for them, something that required them to really ‘Explore Their Limits’.

M: I also have to ask, what about your fans around the world? Are you planning any special 10th anniversary attractions for them?

FC: We have a lot of amazing things in store for our world wide fan-base. It’s SVAKOM’s 10th anniversary, there was no way we could keep all the fun to ourselves.

We will release a special, limited edition, anniversary box, filled to the brim with luxury and pleasure – exactly what you would expect from SVAKOM.

Further, some of these seductive anniversary boxes will have Golden Tickets hidden away inside them, the holders of which will receive amazing prizes.

But that’s not all we’re planning. SVAKOM wants to really bring our slogan ‘Explore Your Limits’ to the forefront this year, and we have an exciting campaign planned for that. SVAKOM aims to spread joy as it pushes customers to embrace desires and explore their limits in order to make their deepest wish a reality.

M: Let’s also look a little further into the future. What is your biggest hope for the next decade in SVAKOM? In what ways do you expect to grow?

FC: We have set our sights high, held with strong belief that within the next decade SVAKOM will be present in the top 5 brands within the industry.

There will be many strong patented products coming from SVAKOM within the next few years, and we have high expectations for them to do well in sales. We have offices in team-members within Europe now, team-members in the USA as well, we intend to continue expanding and making stronger connections with our local partners.

M: And last but not least, has SVAKOM Explored Its Limits yet?

FC: I think, over the last decade, we have been trying to explore our limits wherever possible and trying new avenues and different possibilities. Try and fail, fail and try again, which brings us to today. We will never stop exploring our limits, and certainly not in the next 10 years. Not only that, we also encourage everyone to explore their limits.

SVAKOM aims to lead by example. How can we ask our customers and clients to explore their limits if we stay standing still, or staying somewhere ‘safe’? Everyone has different ideas regarding their ‘limits’ and we aim to give them a gentle push.

So, to answer, I would have to say – no. SVAKOM hasn’t explored its limits… yet. We have, however, been exploring our limits, and there’s plenty more that we can do.

Undoubtedly, in the near future SVAKOM fans can expect many attractions related to the 10th anniversary, so in order not to miss any of them be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

And If you want to learn more about SVAKOM products, visit

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