Polish startup Plazacraft wants to bring another revolution to the erotic games market

Following the great success of The Lovers, with its innovative rules and the idea that gameplay doesn’t just last one evening but can last few months, Plazacraft decided to create a new edition aimed at single-sex couples.


Erotic games have always been in a kind of limbo. On the one hand, they belong to the adult market, on the other, erotic shops have always regarded them as merely an addition to the main offer dominated by erotic toys.

As a result, despite the fact that new games are being created all the time, there is unfortunately a lack of products with a high quality of execution or intended for single-sex couples. It also does not help that the market is currently overcrowded with products that are very often similar to each other.

Therefore, the Polish company Plazacraft, which was founded in 2018, decided to fill this niche and took as its goal the introduction of a new quality to the market of erotic games for couples. The company wanted its games to be able to evoke excitement and commitment not only with their mechanics, but also with their design. The result was the very well received game The Lovers.

The Lovers is a series of games that aims to revitalise relationships between partners. It helps both to activate lost bonds and to express new fantasies. Each edition of The Lovers is aesthetically prepared, based on the original illustrations, and the graphics themselves can be used as inspiration to stimulate the erotic imagination.

The series is divided into three levels, which are distinguished by the range of boldness of the tasks:

  • Level one Romantic: is subtle but also contains elements that may surprise partners.
  • Level two Hardcore: is set in a world of domination and submission.
  • Level three Pervert: is a continuation of the previous level with the addition of even more daring tasks.

When playing The Lovers, you have to be committed, as the tasks presented there sometimes require a longer preparation. This is what completely differentiates The Lovers from other erotic games. The gameplay here doesn’t last a few minutes or one evening, instead The Lovers takes the couple on a journey lasting several weeks or even few months, during which the partners, through special missions and actions, will rediscover each other and also explore their fantasies.

Interestingly, the release of the first edition of The Lovers was not without its problems. Not only did the startup struggle with the standard problems associated with entering an unknown area of business, or complications with the Covid-19 pandemic, but the theme of the game and its boldness resulted in the game’s printing being rejected by major Polish printing houses. However, thanks to persistence and perseverance, it was possible to publish the game in its original, unaltered form.

After the publishing success of the first versions of The Lovers, Plazacraft has decided to meet the expectations of the market and release a game that strengthens the erotic bond between lovers, this time for single-sex couples. In order to do so, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on kickstarter.com, where you can support this project.

For more information about The Lovers, visit TheLovers.eu and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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