Not a novelty, but a revolution – an interview with Jerry Davies, the inventor of balldo

If you think that balls do not receive enough attention during intimate moments, then get ready for the revolution started by balldo. Without a doubt, this is one of the most innovative product in recent years. Therefore, in order to give a better idea of what balldo is, ErotisNews got in touch with its inventor, Jerry Davies, who answered our questions.

Insane Coeds

The sexual wellness market regularly features new products, but anyone who is interested in this field knows that these are often devices similar to others or combine features of several items. Of course, there is no denying that there are new features and functions that pleasure products have, but truly unique products that create an entirely new category on their own, appear very rarely.

Fortunately, such a product, which opens the gateway to a whole new kind of pleasure, appeared recently and is taking the sexual wellness industry by storm, winning recognition and awards as well as numerous satisfied customers.

The balldo is a completely innovative product that turns the testicles along with the scrotum into… a dildo. Yes, balls into a dildo, simply balldo. If this is hard for you to imagine, don’t worry, even experienced people in the industry were absolutely surprised by this product and needed a moment to digest this information.

That’s why we reached out to Jerry Davies CEO of Nadgerz Inc and inventor of balldo to find out more about his product and to give you an idea of how it came to be, how it works, what a ballgasm is, and to give you some insight into the future of balldo.

Jerry Davies CEO of Nadgerz Inc and inventor of balldo

Marcin: Jerry, first off, for those who don’t already know the holder of the Most Innovative New Product title, can you explain what balldo is?

Jerry Davies: The balldo is the worlds first testicular dildo, it encapsulates the balls in a way that they can be used for penetration whilst exposing the nerve endings in the scrotal skin to be stimulated by a partners vagina or anus – for some, triggering a ‘ballgasm’.

M: Penetration using balls even in adult movies is not a common form of sexual interaction, and in the case of pleasure products it is an absolute novelty. How did you come up with this idea?

JD: I have Asperger’s syndrome and whilst this can be hard for me to gauge social situations, it does unlock parts of my brain and thought processes which, whilst normal to me, can be quite unusual to others. So with the Balldo, it came to me whilst I was wearing a stainless steel ball weight ring during sex. I thought ‘the balls are actually pretty tough and resilient when handled in a way they like to be handled’ – I experimented with some more weights and shapes and found my balls to be surprisingly happy with weights or being encapsulated. It got me thinking what if I could turn around the extreme sensitivity of the balls into a positive and use it to trigger pleasure? What if they could be inserted inside a partner and they be stimulated by the warmth and gentle rubbing inside a vagina or anus?

I made multiple prototypes of cages, attachment methods and learned how the balls liked to be treated without causing discomfort. On the first day of testing the first silicone prototype – we learned that we needed to penetrate with a different sort of position and it needed ‘spacing’ away from the groin – so we added spacer rings and that made it much more rigid and longer. On our first successful attempt – it was truly amazing…… a flood of warmth and pleasure and amazement just swept over me and I came within 20 seconds of getting my balls inside my partner – that’s when it was very, very clear that we had a product and that it was a gamechanger.

M: So how long did it take to turn this idea into the product it is today?

JD: We spent perhaps two years testing mechanisms, working on the inner core design and working out a size that wasn’t to big and wasn’t too small – it was clear that we wouldn’t be able to cater for all sizes of balls as if we made it too large to accommodate huge balls then the diameter it would be too big to be inserted into vaginas and anuses, if we made it smaller diameter then it would be too painful for the owner to wear. This took a long time to estimate the average persons ball size and come up with a standard size.

Szare balldo i pierścienie dystansowe

M: You said earlier about ballgasm. Can you explain this term? How can it be achieved with balldo?

JD: It’s pretty simple – a ballgasm is an orgasm that is triggered by stimulation of your balls without the touching of the penis. The balldo I think achieves this in a multitude of ways that all work together to deliver a ballgasm.

Firstly, the rubbing of the nerve endings in the exposed scrotal sack skin against the inside of your partners body creates a warm and soothing and highly sensual feeling, secondly the brain thinks your penis is inside your partner, its like it can’t distinguish between the penis and the balls and so it makes you want to thrust. This thrusting presses against the base of the penis and triggers stimulation here also. Thirdly, the penis feels highly exposed and the cold air around it and the fact that it is craving to be touched, but something other than it, the balls, are sending the triggers to the brain. This seems to drive it crazy… its almost like a denial heightening the experience… 

All these ways can trigger a ballgasm – it doesn’t happen for everyone, but the feedback we have had is that its more common than not and people, including some major magazine reports like Cosmopolitan, report ballgasms occurring within seconds. But the good thing is that – once you have come, you can keep going because the balldo doesn’t go soft unlike a penis. One thing that of course is also key is that you are sharing this amazing new experience with your partner. It can be so much fun and of course that leads to the heightened dynamic and when you achieve success, you both share that moment – for example ‘omg they just went in!!!’

M: I would also like to ask, for cock rings, it is recommended not to use them for more than 20-30 minutes. Is there such a restriction with your product as well?

JD: I think its down to personal comfort, as I say we could not make a product that fits everyone so there will be customers who it may not work out for, or who may find it uncomfortable. We stress in our usage guidance that if any pain is felt or if people have a history of testicular torsion or other scrotal injury they should speak to their Doctor before using Balldo.

M: You already said about anal sex, so I understand it can be done. Is double penetration also possible? Can you do it with a balldo?

JD: Yes, yes and yes. The DP options are quite remarkable, due to the close proximity of the penis – the wearer can ‘stack or split’ – ie. they can put a balldo in one hole and a penis in the other for Hetero or double up in one orifice for both Gay and Hetero.

M: One last thing about using balldo, in what sexual positions does it work best?

JD: The thing about balldo is that it’s like learning to ride a bike or ski – you will be lucky if you get it right on the first time… we always recommend to give it three or four times before you give up. There are some key things that need to be done to get your first success. First, make sure ball hair is 5mm or less to avoid hair pinching. Second, lube the balls and the balldo and lube your partner. Third, whatever position you attempt, get your partner to put their fingers behind the last spacer ring and pull you into them… it can be quite difficult to penetrate just by applying pressure from the balldo wearer alone. Legs behind head, missionary and doggie are fine for vaginal and anal, but your receiving partner will need to adjust the angle of themselves to match the balldo wearers angle of penetration. Sounds complicated I know! But you don’t get to higher places without effort.

This is what balls turned into dildos look like

M: Now, I would like to ask about something completely different. It seems like balldo has been a huge success since the very beginning. From a successful indiegogo campaign to winning several prestigious awards, with the most recent being Innovative Sex Toy of the Year at the 2022 XBIZ and the 2022 ‘O’ Award in the Outstanding Non-Powered Product category. Were these two awards a surprise to you, or did you feel inside that balldo had a real chance to win?

JD: Being honest and from the feedback we have had from people within the industry, we knew we had a chance… for example, I had multiple people with many years in the industry saying to me ‘I thought I had seen everything that was possible – this has blown me away’ and that just reassured us that we were onto something that would stand the test of time and be noteworthy.

M: Looking at your type of communication and advertising, I also get the feeling that you are having a lot of fun coming up with more and more ball-related phrases. Is this how you communicate with each other on a daily basis as a team too?

JD: I am so glad you spotted that. Yes we had a LOT of time during lockdown and a lot of energy to put into the marketing, and with myself and my business partner both being massive nerds, we loved coming up with the cartoon at vimeo to promote the product. It was so cool to see how people just picked this up and enjoyed it whether they were interested in the product or not.

M: Let me ask you about the future now. In what direction will balldo continue to develop? Are you going to introduce new variations of tip, for example?

JD: Yes, we have two other key products that we will bring to market that utilise our patents – these are also as noteworthy as balldo.

M: And can balldo fans hope for a vibrating or even remote-controlled version to appear one day?

JD: Of course there are also the vibrating balldo and balldos with ticklers for hetero partners clitoral stimulation.

M: As a matter of fact, you have created a completely new kind of sexual activity for people with balls but, what is also important, you have created a product which proves that penis does not have to be always the priority. How do you think, can ballsex and ballgasm be the beginning of a new era of sexuality? Especially for people who have problems with erection?

JD: Yes I think the term ‘ballsex’ is key here – I have been told at this years XBIZ/ANME show that retailers are getting lots of interest in ball related products, why not? They have been hiding behind the penis since the dawn of time, but nobody thought to utilise them for pleasure until very recently. I certainly think all retailers will need to create ‘ballsex’ categories on their Ecommerce stores or shelf space at their bricks and mortar stores. Ballsex is here to stay and this is only just the beginning. I can see ballsex being as common as anal in 3-5 years time.

Chuck shows best what balls think of balldo

M: And the final question is, can you tell everybody who is Chuck?

JD: Aaaaaah, our Covid lovechild… We love him, we hope to use our plucky cartoon pair of balls as the guerrilla face of ballsex promotion… Chuck is everything that balls would be if they had a voice… low in confidence, hidden behind a penis and continually amazed that nobody pays any notice of them and their potential. We plan to add a whole range of Chuck merch at and we also have a whole range of Chuck NFT.

M: These are all my questions, thank you for all your answers and I wish you and balldo many more great successes in the future.

JD: Thank you Marcin for what has been the most well researched and good to answer set of interview questions we have ever had. We look forward to reading your article.

If you are interested in balldo and want to learn more about or buy it, visit Also follow balldo on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with all the news.

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