Explorer finger sleeves from ElectraStim, not just for beginners

ElectraStim has released a new product to its collection of Silicone Noir accessories. The Explorer finger sleeves are a very simple device that not only allows you to experience the sensations offered by electrostimulation, but also in an interesting way to diversify the foreplay experience.


Another step towards beginners

ElectraStim has recently made a big push towards people who just want to get started with electrostimulation. First, the company released a new control unit called KIX, which greatly simplifies operation and allows users to focus solely on pleasure, and now they have released Explorer, which provide a convenient way to discover how different parts of the body respond to electrostimulation.

Although the Explorer is a very simple device, the ways in which it can be used are surprisingly numerous, and it is devoid of the drawbacks that e-stim gloves have.

Sometimes you have moments when developing products where you look at a prototype and think ‘Why haven’t we done this before?’ – commented the Marketing Manager at ElectraStim.

Simpler does not mean inferior

As with the gloves already on the market that offer electrostimulation, the Explorer’s main purpose is the slow and sensual fun of discovering how different parts of the body respond to this type of stimulation. Since stimulating the body with gentle electrical pulses is a well-known practice in physiotherapy as well, the Explorer is a device that is ideal for relaxing foreplay.

However, unlike typical gloves, with this product, the caps are only worn on the fingertips, and since they are made of silicone, the electrical impulses do not pass to the fingers they are on. This is the first advantage, as with gloves, additional latex gloves are sometimes required to prevent stimulation of the hands.

Another advantage is that the device is very easy to clean. The Explorer does not have any fabric parts, so it is very quick and easy to wash it under running water, even if you used lube during play.

As with other devices of this type, it is recommended that you use either a conductive gel or a high-quality water-based lube to ensure the best possible experience.

The caps are made of platinum-cured silicone.

Explorer is incredibly effective for use on more sensitive areas of the anatomy. Whereas clitoral play for example was a bit intense with earlier toys in our range like Halo, Explorer has solved that issue by having a wider area of contact and a more friendly material – explains the Marketing Manager.

New experiences also for advanced users

Explorer also offers an interesting application for those familiar with electrostimulation. The finger sleeves can be worn as a bipolar pair, or as a single unipolar accessory. This offers the possibility of combining a single sleeve with another unipolar device.

For example, while stimulating your partner with a single finger sleeve, you can also be stimulated by a unipolar penis ring or nipple clamp.

ElectraStim’s newest products, the Explorer and KIX, make the perfect kit for beginners. Not only these are inexpensive products, which is rare for electrostimulation, but they are also able to show that electrostimulation is not about stereotypical ‘causing pain’ but about pleasant and gentle stimulation of the body.

Explorer finger sleeves are available on the ElectraStim website here.


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