Cum Face, a game you can’t pass by indifferently

Warm summer evenings are a perfect time for meetings with friends. However, if you would like to turn every meeting into unforgettable fun, you have to get to know Cum Face. This game is one of those things that you didn’t know, you’ve always wanted to have.

What is Cum Face?

Cum Face from Playwivme is a game that proves that simple ideas are always the best. At first glance, you can see that this is not a typical family game and you can rather play it only with adults. However, the amount of fun it is able to provide will completely exceed your expectations.

Cum Face consists of 2 penis-shaped pumps and the choice of shape here is not accidental. As one of the creators of the game Chris Poole said – Cum Face is fill up with water, alcohol, cream etc and the one who wanks the fastest will get shoot the slowest in the face. Then just press reset and you can play again.

The very appearance of Cum Face suggests an interesting game

If you think it sounds too simple, silly or boring then you are sorely mistaken! With its simple rules and erotic undertones, Cum Face is a game that practically everyone will love. Whether you’re playing it with friends, at a bachelor or bachelorette party, or at a swingers’ party, Cum Face will make you want to see who has the most skilled hand, and in the meantime, bawdy jokes will be coming from all directions. Just watch the Cum Face promotional video to understand and feel the excitement this game delivers.

Cum Face’s popularity over the internet

Cum Face has already created a big buzz in the world from the very beginning. While it is true that there are some people who completely fail to understand what is funny about this game, the vast majority of people, have absolutely loved playing with Cum Face. In the few months since the game has been released, social media has exploded with countless videos of young and old, men and women, and even entire families, competing to see who will ejaculate on their face first:

Cum Face has become so popular that one of the largest distributors and manufacturers of erotic products in the world, Shots, has partnered with Playwivme to distribute this game worldwide.

Playwivme, creators of games with naughty accents

Playwivme is an UK company that produces various party games. What sets them apart, however, is that many of their products, have a playful erotic tinge.

Chris Poole and Stephen Broughton are the inventors of Playwivme. Together we come up with new games and novelties for adults. We look at current games and give them naughty twists or simply invent new games like Cum face – said Chris Poole. – We also make children and family games and toys, there is big cross over, more than people think – he continues.

As an example of a game that combines a naughty adult world and innocent family fun, Poole brings forth the ever-popular Twister game:

Take Twister for example this was suppose to be a naughty game but then it was released and familiys liked to play it so they changed their customer base. We have done Fondle which is the naughty version of Twister – Chris Poole explains.

Playwivme is still actively working on new games. On the manufacturer’s website you can see previews of products that can be expected in the near future. Among them there is, for example, an unusual variety of charades, where the guessed words are drawn with the help of… a strapon with a pencil instead of a dildo.

Undoubtedly, Cum Face, as well as other Playwivme products, are a very interesting alternative for gatherings with friends or family and cannot be passed by indifferently. And the erotic tinge of these products will make many parties turn into an unforgettable evening full of bawdy jokes and stories.

Cum Face can be bought from the manufacturer’s website here.

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