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The lack of communication is often the biggest obstacle to a healthy relationship and a fulfilling sex life. For the launch of the iconic couples vibrator Chorus which now comes in two new dazzling colors, We-Vibe, the pleasure brand for couples, has partnered with sexual therapists worldwide to highlight the importance of communication in a relationship.

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For the study, We-Vibe offered coaching sessions with well-known therapists to 25 couples. To evaluate the outcome, each participant filled out a questionnaire before and after the experience. The results showed that the majority (85 %) felt that the coaching had a positive effect on their relationship.

Most common issues are a lack of time and sex

Even though, most couples started the coaching already feeling good about their relationship (29 percent of participants described their relationship as very happy and 65 percent as mostly happy), there was still room for improvement. When asked about the most common issues in their relationship, a lack of time for each other (27 %), little to no sex (22%) and a lack of closeness (13%), were the most popular responses.

Yet, 9 out of 10 participants already felt that they had good communication with their partner and regularly talk about these issues. The coaching revealed that there were still topics that needed to be tackled in order to improve their relationship. The participants learnt new ways of communicating and as a result, more than 70 % talked about issues that had never been addressed before.

“When couples come to me, they are usually in distress already. Because we don’t learn how to communicate in a healthy way or what a healthy relationship or sex life look like, therapy or coaching or even attending a workshop ends up being a way to try and save the relationship. Ideally, we would learn these things ahead of time and use therapy for what its intended to be – a container of healing and transformation.” comments Rachel Wright, psychotherapist who was part of the study.

Only one participating couple claimed that they could have improved or resolved those issues without the help of a sex therapist.

Couples coaching can be beneficial even when people feel comfortable in their relationship

Communication is key to good sex

A recent international survey conducted by We-Vibe, involving 14,500 people from 17 countries, found that only 45% of respondents felt comfortable telling their partner about their sexual preferences. In the UK, women were only marginally more communicative, with 35% feeling comfortable expressing their sexual preferences, compared to 34% of men who felt similarly.

Rachel Wright explains: “I was amazed to see the variety in the couples I worked with while all feeling some shame or discomfort around sex. We have to get rid or at least begin to lessen the relationship we’ve created between shame & sex.”

Participants were introduced to the We-Vibe Chorus, an iconic vibrator for couples that allows both partners to be stimulated at the same time. As a result of the coaching, 75% of participants discovered new sexual practices.

We-Vibe Chorus
Chorus is so small that it can be used during penetrative sex, so that both partners benefit from the vibrations.

Chorus, bringing partners closer together

After trying Chorus, most couples that participated in the project agreed that using it makes sex better (30% strongly agree, 47% somewhat agree) and more than half said that the toy changed their sex life at least a bit. Three-fourth of the participants even reported that Chorus brought them closer together as a couple and 83% were able to reach orgasm while using it.

“Chorus can be used in a variety of positions and adapts easily to different bodies thanks to its flexibility and adjustable design”, explains Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at We-Vibe. “Most couples who participated in our study used it in the missionary position. While it is often wrongly considered boring and traditional, our recent survey has shown that it is still the most commonly used position all around the world. People have responded that they like missionary because it is comfortable and makes it easier to reach orgasm. Adding extra stimulation with Chorus takes missionary to a whole new level.”

Chorus in two new colours

We-Vibe Chorus is now available in two new exclusive colors: Crave Coral and Cosmic Blue. It comes with a ‘Squeeze Remote’ which reacts to the pressure of the hand and is also equipped with special sensors that allow the toy to be controlled automatically and naturally by body movements. Like most of the We-Vibe toys, Chorus can be controlled remotely thanks to the We-Connect app, even when both partners are on a different continent.

Made from body-safe silicone, Chorus offers dual stimulation during use, with one half of the vibrator stimulating the vagina and the other half outside the body providing clitoral stimulation. The flexible design of the vibrator means you can easily fit it to your body. Chorus offers 10 vibration modes and is so quiet that you hardly hear it running at all.

Chorus is available on the We-Vibe website here.

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