Where to buy erotic toys? Part I – stationary stores

Exploring your own body and sexuality is something completely normal. Seemingly, the answer to the question where to buy erotic toys is very simple. There are several possibilities and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no one perfect place or method that suits everyone. Everything depends on our own preferences. Some people pay attention to price, others to comfort and discretion. There are also people for whom the most important thing is experienced service and assistance in shopping or speed of purchase.


Unfortunately, when it comes to buying erotic toys, we often feel uncomfortable, shy and embarrassed. The worst part is that very often we do not really know what we want to buy. And this is a very important problem because, buying the right toy will introduce you to new types of stimulation. Also it will help you to quickly discharge your sexual needs and achieve orgasm. If you want to know where you can buy erotic toys, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these places and what to look out for, you are in the right place!

Stationary Shops

The easiest way is to divide stores into two types: stationary stores and online stores. This time we will focus on stationary stores. If you want to read about online stores then I suggest you check out the second part of the post. Stationary stores, are physical places or buildings to which you have to go in person to make purchases. The biggest advantage of these types of stores is that you can see the products and compare them with others. Unfortunately, on the other hand, stationary stores are expensive and not everyone has the courage to buy erotic toys in person. Below are the three most common types of stationary stores:

Sex Shop

Sex shop stacjonarny

Sex shop, erotic store, adult store there are several names, but they all stand for exactly the same thing. If you are wondering where to buy erotic toys, this is probably your first thought. Unfortunately, due to the fact that several years ago these types of stores very often in addition to selling erotic toys, also provided other, more corporeal services, they still do not have the best reputation. This is also one of the reasons why it is now common to see the name erotic store instead of sex shop.

Nowadays, the only thing that differentiates sex stores from other stores is the type of assortment. Inside the sex shop is clean, neat and comfortable. The store windows are usually covered, so that the customers cannot be seen from the outside (although exclusive erotic stores are slowly giving up covering their windows). Inside, however, you will find plenty of space and a wide selection of products. One of the biggest advantages of this kind of stores is professional and experienced staff. They will help you choose the right product. What you will not find in other places, there are product testers, allowing you to get to know the chosen products better.

However, the biggest disadvantage of stationary Sex Shops are prices. These are significantly higher than in other places. Only in the case of larger networks, you can count on frequent promotions and discounts on selected products. They reduce prices to a level not much higher than the prices you can find online. Many people also choose stationary stores, because they can pay cash. In this way they do not leave traces as card purchases does.

If you are shy about going into a stationary store, remember:
– Very rarely there is more than a few people in sex shops at once.
– The store staff comes into contact with all sorts of fetishes on a daily basis and they will certainly not make negative comments or laugh.
– If the store windows are taped, no one will see you from the outside.
– When you buy in a sex shop and pay cash, you remain fully anonymous.


  • Support to help you choose a toy
  • Product testers
  • Large selection of toys
  • Opportunity to see and compare products
  • No need to wait for delivery
  • Cash payment


  • High prices
  • You have to come to them in person…
  • …and get inside

For whom:
Stationary Sex shops are especially worth recommending to people who are not familiar with erotic toys, and want to make a good purchase for themselves or a gift for someone. It is also a good place for people who want to have their shopping at home on the same day.

Drugstores & Markets

The second type of stationary stores where you can buy toys for adults are drugstores and markets. Of course, not all of them offer this kind of products. It is safe to say that few do, but vibrators on store shelves do happen. In this case the choice is always very limited to literally single models. Fortunately, these are universal products that offer the most popular types of stimulation. As a matter of fact, this devices you can easily choose as the first sex toy in your life. Nothing fancy, but good enought.

In this case, you can not count on the rich experience of the seller. But also the choice is so small that the information on the package should be sufficient. While in the case of a sex shop it may be embarrassing just to enter the store, in these stores approaching the cash register may prove to be a challenge for some. I recommend self-service checkouts!


  • Versatile products
  • Can be purchased along with your regular weekly shopping
  • Cash payment


  • Small selection
  • Few markets and drugstores offer toys for adults
  • You can meet someone you know in the store

For whom:
Because of the small selection, this is for curious people who want to see if adult toys interest them at all.


Workshops, training courses, festivals or fairs, these are also places where you can purchase various types of toys and accessories. The biggest advantage of events is the opportunity to learn about all the novelties. You can also take a very close look at the possibilities offered by the product and talk not only with the seller, but also with other people. In the case of workshops and training aimed at beginners, very often the program itself offers basic information about toys. In the price of the ticket you can also sometimes get some smaller or larger toy as a gift.

The biggest problem, unfortunately, is that these types of events do not happen very often. Also, the selection of products in the stores is usually limited to the most popular, latest or matching the theme of the event. Paid entry is also an additional cost. People for whom entering a sex shop is problematic can safely forget about this possibility. Just as in erotic stores it is usually relatively empty, here you have to reckon with a large number of people around.


  • Lots of experienced people to talk to
  • Possibility to buy novelties not yet available in all stores


  • You usually have to pay for entry first
  • Limited choice
  • Small number of erotic events (If you dont want to go abroad)

For Whom:
Here primarily people interested in erotica can find something interesting. However, people who just want to buy their first sex toy can gain a lot from participating in workshops for beginners.

The answers seem trivial, and yet buying adult toys is still a problem for many people. Fortunately, stationary stores are much more popular than you might think. The ability to pay cash, to see and touch the products, and most of all, the experience of the salespeople still make them popular with customers.

However, if you think that stationary shopping is not for you, then check out where to buy erotic toys online.

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