Sexworker shares erotic fantasies of Polish journalist

On Monday a sex worker known as Medroxy shared on her Twitter account a private message she received from one of her potential clients. What shocked Polish internauts the most is the fact that the message was sent from the account of an investigative journalist working for the conservative portal Salon24.

Insane Coeds

Medroxy, is a popular Polish sex worker and one of the most popular models on the Polish live show platform Showup. Medroxy has been in the sexwork industry for 5 years now. You would think that after so many years you would have seen everything, but one of the messages Medroxy recently received was so unpleasant that she decided to share it on Twitter:

I’ve been watching you for a long time and I’m finally tempted by such a natural woman. Too bad you don’t prefer anal sex, I could even pay extra, but I have some expectations for the encounter. I can pay more, but I want the commitment as if you were in bed with your partner. I lick your pussy and anus, then you lick my ass and balls. I bring my cock closer to your mouth, then you look for it with your mouth and caress it with your tongue. When you turn me on and I start to drip from my pee-pee, I want you to lick it. When I want to grab you by the hair and pull you to my cock, or if I lightly hit your cheeks with it, I want you to show your satisfaction. 🙂 If I want to stick it in the mouth then move your head intensely and lick it. If I have to lick your pussy and anus at the same time (I will do it for sure) then tell me directly. I will pay 500 PLN if we can make me fuck you in the ass too. 🙂

And ideally you should drink a bit before sex. You can even be drunk. You can hang out together and talk. I’d like to hang out, have a nice fuck, watch you make an effort, I’ll make an effort too. I can lick you all over if you like, and certainly breasts, pussy and clitoris and ass. But I expect commitment, ferocity, that you are not disgusted by anything. And not afraid. And try it with me, so that I put it a little in your lovely bottom. 500 PLN and so we do?

– What kind of dicks do you like? In porn it’s known that the best are huge, but in normal life it probably varies. My is 20cm, but it’s pretty thin. As perfect as your tits. 😉 That’s roughly what I look like. I do investigative journalism

(Not) Mysterious investigative journalist

Twitter users quickly discovered the identity of the person who wrote the message. Medroxy, on the other hand, claims that she didn’t know who her interlocutor was – I didn’t know who this guy was until I shared the message – she wrote on Twitter.

The interested man himself claims that this information is fake, briefly commenting on the matter – I don’t comment on fakes. Publications that violate my personal rights are dealt with by lawyers. Thank you for all the words of support. I am going back to work – journalist wrote on Twitter.

A lively discussion in the Polish Internet

The release of the news divided Polish internet users. On the one hand there are people who claim that Medroxy was right to share the content of the message together with the image of the journalist. The fact that she provides sexual services does not mean that she should not be treated with respect.

On the other hand, however, many people have accused her of violating the privacy of her potential client. Privacy that is especially important in this kind of services. Even if a person crosses certain boundaries of culture and manners, it does not mean that his erotic fantasies should be made public to the whole world.

There are also those who argue that the journalist is telling the truth and the entire conversation is a hoax. Among their arguments is that it is unlikely that a person working as a journalist would use his official account for such conversations. Others claim that the ‘use of prostitutes‘ is a typical government ploy to get rid of inconvenient people.

Of course, as is customary on social media, Medroxy’s Twitter account, has already been blocked. What a surprise!

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