Mia Miranda And Samantha Jones Featured in Ticker News Interview

Popular Canadian content creators and media personalities Mia Miranda and Samantha Jones were featured interview guests on a recent Ticker News story, ‘Sex Workers Share How Much Money They Make’.


During the interview, both content creators Mia Miranda and Samantha Jones talked about sex work and its benefits. Jones enthused that “I’m actually surprised how many people are open about doing sex work. It’s best job ever, you can work one or three hours a day if you want… look at my life, I love it – it’s a lifestyle that I really enjoy.”

Miranda explained that “I found that some traditional avenues of performance honestly didn’t really allow me to express my full self, but I found that being a sex worker, being a stripper, I get to be my full self in that industry and in my work, and it’s been really incredible to get to experience that and showcase all of my talents and skills in a way that I have full control over… I get to be in control of everything, and I think that really inspires me to keep pushing through.”

She added, “I think honestly there is a misconception, you can make a lot of money at it, but it’s still incredibly hard work; it’s not just easy money, it’s fast money, so you’re able to make a lot of money fast, but only if you are putting in that hard work. I think that the stigma is starting to unravel itself, because people are really starting to see, ‘Oh, if I just an OnlyFans but I don’t put a lot of effort into it, you’re not going to make any money.”

Jones noted that the industry has become a saturated market with a lot of competition: “I find that the people who do really well really love what they do, so if they’re willing to invest the time, the money and the effort – go all out on photo shoots, invest in the outfits, choreography, mentors.”

As for any public negativity, “the sex workers I feel are kind of putting this old stigma on themselves. I’m very comfortable, I show my face, I’m kind of out there – but I think the stigma is dying off… I think it’s going to help me in the end that I am a YouTuber-slash-porn star.” Jones also made clear that “you have to really sit down and have your ‘hell no, hell yes’ list… ‘what am I going to do for this amount, what am I going to do for that amount… really defining your yeses and your nos.”

As for personal relationships, Miranda said, “I think it’s maybe a bit difficult for guys to grasp the concept of other men seeing you naked… but when you build a secure relationship with someone, it usually doesn’t have too much of an effect. I’ve been able to have really successful relationships since I’ve started dancing and doing OnlyFans.”

To watch the Ticker News interview segment in full, visit YouTube.com.

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