Womanizer Premium Eco – the world’s first biodegradable sex toy

In celebration of Earth Day, Womanizer has released its latest product called Premium Eco. It is a product aimed at people who want to live in an environmentally friendly way. Womanizer Premium Eco is the first massager in the world made of biodegradable material.

Ecological erotic toy

Material from which the external part of the toy is made is biodegradable. But its worth to point out, that biolene from which Premium Eco is made is only biodegradable under special industrial conditions. This means that the product will not start to degrade during normal usage. In addition, the device is made in a modular way, which means that the remaining parts of the massager can be successfully recycled. The icing on the cake is the product packaging, which is made without the use of any plastic.

The famous Pleasure Air technology from Womanizer

The Premium Eco is equipped with the unique Pleasure Air technology developed by Womanizer. A few years ago, this technology introduced to the erotic toy market a completely new type of stimulation never seen before. Pleasure Air stimulates the clitoris without touching it. Using rapid changes in air pressure, a very fine balance between sucking and massaging is created. It stimulates the clitoral nerve endings in a non-touching way and provides completely new sensations, without the effect of over-stimulation or desensitization of the nerve endings.

Womanizer true to its goals

As Womanizer’s main goal with the Premium Eco was to create as eco-friendly a product as possible, unfortunately, the massager is not waterproof. According to the manufacturer, it was not possible to find an ecological material that would meet IPX7 requirements. As a result, the massager does not have this certification. Thankfully, the manufacturer claims that no damage will occur to the product during normal use and cleaning.

Interestingly, before the release of Premium Eco, Womanizer created a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. The goal of the campaign was to see if Womanizer’s customers were interested in going green and having a biodegradable product. After less than 48 hours, they were able to reach their fundraising goal and received over $20’000. Those who donated to the collection will receive their copy of Premium Eco in the coming days. Meanwhile, Womanizer will donate all the money received during the fundraiser to the One Tree Planet foundation, which is dedicated to planting trees.

Premium Eco can be bought on the Womanizer website here: PREMIUM eco

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