Kix, new stimulator from ElectraStim for beginners

ElectraStim has launched a new stimulator called Kix, designed specifically for people who want to get started with electrostimulation. In addition to significantly simplified handling, Kix is also available at an exceptional low price.

Toys offering electrostimulation have been available on the market for over 20 years. However, despite the growing number of manufacturers offering this type of sensations, they are still considered a niche for enthusiasts. This is mainly due to two reasons – fear of electricity and high price.

Electrostimulation is not an electroshock

Most of us have been told since childhood that electricity is to be feared. Therefore, having such a deeply encoded fear of electricity, it is not surprising that most people bypass toys that offer electrostimulation and dont want to deal with them.

However, this is a completely wrong approach. Erotic products that offer electrostimulation do not shock and do not cause pain. The sensations they provide can sooner be compared to a gentle pleasant tingling.

A common example used in erotic stores, is sticking a 9V battery to the tongue which many people practiced in their youth. In the vast majority of cases, the power offered by erotic toys is much weaker than that of a 9V battery.

Price can also scare

The second reason why starting an adventure with electrostimulation is so problematic is the high initial cost. Apart from a few toys, namely vibrators, products offering electrostimulation require a so-called control unit in order to work. It is these devices, hooked up to the toy that allow you to stimulate with gentle electrical impulses and adjust their intensity.

Unfortunately, their price is not the lowest. Depending on the manufacturer and the store, their price can go above $250. Add to this the cost of the toy and suddenly it appears that it is much cheaper to buy a few high quality toys without electrostimulation.

However, this does not apply to the new control unit from ElectraStim. The Kix is available on the manufacturer’s website for about $95, which compared to another stimulator such as the ElectraStim Flux which costs about $295, is a very attractive price.

A device specially designed for beginners

Kix offers enough power and modes to showcase a wide variety of stimulation, yet is designed to be as easy to use as possible. The usual scales, knobs and numbers that beginners may find confusing and sometimes intimidating have been replaced with a much easier to understand panel.

The Kix intensity level is displayed by a colored led on the top of the device. Cold colors represent lower intensities, while warm colors indicate more intense levels of power. This is designed to take the user’s attention away from the numbered levels and allow them to focus on what matters most, the stimulation and sensation the device offers.

Kix features five pre-programmed play modes and a special new ‘Sweep n Keep‘ mode that allows users to control the intensity of stimulation as well as the frequency for different modes of sensation.

The last new feature, making a nod to beginners, that the device introduces is the replacement of the adjustment knobs, with a touchpad. This is meant to simplify the user experience by seamlessly moving through the intensity spectrum and conveniently adjusting without having to focus on the device and numbered power levels.

The Kix is charged via USB and offers up to 3 hours of stimulation on a single charge. The device is compatible with most erotic toys available from the manufacturer. A full chart of Kix’s toy compatibility is available here.

ElectraStim, which recently celebrated 20 years in business, believes that Kix will convince people who are interested in electrostimulation but have not decided to actually try, as well as attracting completely new customers who want to experiment with a new form of sensation.

The Kix stimulator can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website here.

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