Elaina St. James takes #wearitbig challenge to next level

This week, model, social influencer, educator and age-, body- & sex-positive advocate Elaina St. James was astonished to find that one of her TikTok videos ‘Surprise’, has received more than 2 million views over the weekend.

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The nine-second clip, part of TikTok’s trending #wearitbig Challenge using the popular song ‘Sonido Original Mechy Love’, puts a spotlight on St. James seated demurely on a couch sporting thigh-high black socks, a cheeky tank top that announces ‘Welcome to the MILF Show’ and not much else.

What is the #wearitbig challenge?

Although the #wearitbig trend has been around for a while on TikTok, it’s only recently that it’s gotten a lot of buzz. Now, thousands of new videos are appearing on the platform every day, and more creators want to take part.

The #wearitbig challenge itself is very simple – the only thing needed to complete it is the right clothes. At the start of the video, the creators sit with their knees turned up to cover as much of their body as possible. When the beat drops, they then lower their legs to reveal their true figure. And that’s it.

While there is no official explanation for this challenge. Some say the trend is aimed at empowering women, encouraging them to feel confident showing their bodies and, most importantly, to feel comfortable in their own skin. Without a doubt, these are ideas very close to Elaina’s heart.

St. James, who began her OnlyFans career in April as a solo MILF performer and now boasts thousands of followers and is among the top 1% of most popular content creators, is now helping others appreciate their beauty, sexiness and inner confidence. Elaina encourages people to celebrate the beauty of their own bodies, rather than focusing on their imperfections.

“While the #wearitbig Challenge has been referred to as a proclamation of sisterhood and women’s empowerment – which I’m all for! – I simply had a lot of fun shooting it,” said St. James of the video. “Never did I imagine that I’d go into such heavy rotation on TikTok that I would amass more than a million views in a day or so. That kind of blew my mind!”

To find out more about Elaina St. James, follow her on Instagram, OnlyFans, Twitter and TikTok.

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