Hot Octopuss seeks Australia’s biggest wanker

Half the people in the world do it regularly, but no one seems to admit it. Masturbation has for centuries been considered a sin, immoral behaviour or even a mental disorder. The American doctor John Kellogg once stated that ‘neither the plague, nor war, nor small-pox, nor similar diseases, have produced results so disastrous to humanity as the pernicious habit of onanism’. Times have changed and playing with yourself is no longer the cause of all evil in the world. But there are still just few who talk openly about it. Hot Octopuss decided to say enough to the stigma surrounding masturbation. Therefore, in their event called ‘Australia’s biggest w*nker‘ they are looking for the biggest wanker in Australia.

‘Whacktivism’ the promotion of the positive aspects of masturbation

I will begin by saying that I do not consider the term wanker to be the best choice. Even the organiser himself censures it. I think that there is plentiful of better ways to name it. However, ‘Whacktivism‘, as the idea of promoting masturbation and its positive psychological and physiological effects, is absolutely right. Reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing concentration, alleviating cramps associated with menstruation or reducing the risk of prostate cancer are just some of the positive effects that masturbation brings. The question is whether this is a one-off action or whether Hot Octopuss will in fact systematically promote ‘Whacktivism’? The finale of the campaign will take place on 9th April 2021. Thats when Hot Octopuss will perform the ‘world’s first synchronised orgasm’. Also at that time, Australia’s biggest wanker will be chosen.

Beating map

Here the question arises, how will the organiser choose the biggest wanker in Australia? Interactive beating map that you can find here is the answer. Every person who signs up for the event will be able to mark on a special map where they masturbated. This will create a huge map of Australian self-satisfaction enthusiasts. At the time of writing, there were exactly 6000 acts of autoeroticism marked on the map. Unfortunately, after a closer look at the marked masturbations, I have the impression that at least 3 people either do nothing else and just masturbate all day long (maybe they are, for example, webcam preformers?) or they give an inflated result in the hope of winning.

Discount on Hot octopuss products for participating in the event

To sign up and take part in Australia’s biggest wanker all is needed, is to visit the event page and register there. Unfortunately the event is only for Australian residents. Each participant receives a 20% storewide discount in the Hot Octopuss shop. However, those who share on their social media that they have just masturbated and tagged it on the map will receive a 30% discount. The grand prize of the event is a year’s supply of sex toys from Hot Octopuss. Unfortunately, despite searching, on the event page and trying to contact the organiser, I have not been able to find out how exactly the winner will be chosen and what precisely will happen on 9th April.

Certainly, it is an interesting and quite daring event. The very fact of its existence and the number of participants shows that masturbation is no longer as shocking as it once was. I wonder if in the future similar events will also be organised for other regions, not just Australia?


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