Love in Light, the world’s most lascivious lamp

Combining an ancient meaning with a cheeky, but also funny and playful design, Love in Light is now probably the most popular lamp in the world. The limited edition lamp has reached millions of views on social media in just a few days. And all this because of the way it is turned on….


Penis can also be an inspiration

To make things clear right away, yes, Love in Light was inspired by the male reproductive organ. Therefore, any association with the penis is most appropriate. Monsby, the creator of the lamp, does not want to hide this fact – penis was a referance for the product, why shoud we keep silence about that?

Made of biodegradable plastic, wood and aluminum, the lamp is covered with a dark fabric that, when gently pulled down, turns on the light. Asked directly where the idea for such a design came from, Monsby explains – I have a penis and I use it every day, what is more I have strong design and art experience, so I always think what if… In this case, I though what if it could glow and illuminate my way (hahaha), so the way of switching on of this lamp is became so obvious.

And here you have to admit that the way the lamp is operated actually seems very simple and obvious. It is an example of one of those ideas that, when you see it, it seems that anyone could come up with it. However, only Monsby was able to turn it into a real object. And all thanks to his unique perspective on everything that surrounds him:

I see sky and my imagination draw plane, clouds, angels. I see a serious girl and I imagine how she could smile, every object/space awakens the imagination. Penis awakes a lot of things in human head – explains the designer.

Symbolism of the phallus and light

Even in ancient times there were various phallic cults that, through symbols referring to the male organ, worshipped deities responsible for fertility, life or fruitfulness. In ancient Egypt, Atum was said to create the entire world through masturbation. The ancient Greek god of fertility Priap was depicted with a prominent erection. Whereas the Sumerian god Enki provided harvest when he filled two rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates, with his semen.

Light also has a wide range of meanings across cultures, from the source of life, to eternity and spirituality, up to a symbol of perfection and knowledge. At first glance, you might think Love in Light, is a funny light referring to a penis, but on further reflection, you can also see much more serious metaphors in it.

– At first it was just funny idea, which actually hid a deeper meaning – Monsby admits. – If we stop thoughtlessly laughing we could see a strong ancient phallic symbol of an idea of continuation of life and life is impossible in eternal darkness. People are different, some of them see a Penis lamp, others see some deeper meaning. It is totaly normal. What I can for sure, this lamp will be in design museum by the end of this year.

A designer’s good start

Although Love in Light is Monsby’s first own project, the creator, who considers himself both a designer and an artist, already has many years of experience behind him. It was this experience, combined with the ‘what if…‘ question, that led him to pursue his own ideas.

I am more than 10 years in design already, making industrial design for world famous companies – said the designer. – I have a lot of ideas came in my head during all my previous projects. Most of them are too edgy and unusual for the corporative clients, so I even haven’t shown them but collected them into my Molescines. One day I decided to make them on my own. So the Lamp is a first bird.

This is just the beginning

Today at noon, another project called Butterfly Flap will be unveiled, and there are already plans for next, under the familiar name of Campbell’s Soup Can. Monsby revealed that erotic references will still appear in his projects, but they will not be the main idea of all his works.

If you are interested in purchasing the Love in Light lamp, you can do so at Monsby’s website here.

However, keep in mind that this is no ordinary lamp, but a contemporary symbol of design. Only 50 pieces will be produced, one of which is already on its way to the Museum of Design. In addition, each lamp comes with its own certificate of authenticity.

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