Where to buy erotic toys? Part II – online stores

Shopping without leaving home, only by mobile or computer. Online stores, because it is about them, is an extraordinary convenience and time-saving. Previously I discussed where to buy erotic toys in stationary stores. This time I will present the pros and cons of various types of online stores.


Online stores

Speed and convenience. These two words perfectly describe online shopping. No matter what you need, it only takes a few moments and you can expect your shipment in a few days. Undoubtedly, buying online has a lot of advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. The latter are especially noticeable when it comes to erotic toys.

When buying online, there are a couple of things to pay attention to:

Does the store’s website look professional?

The appearance of an online store is a seller’s signature. If the website is unreadable, hard to navigate, or just plain ugly, it means the seller doesn’t care about it. This should be a warning sign for you.

Does the store offer discreet delivery?

Not everyone wants their parcel to contain the words “Black dildo 60cm Sender: AnalDestroyers.com”. That’s why adult toy stores offer so-called “discreet delivery“. Online stores understand discreetness differently. For some it just mean an unobtrusive cardboard box, while for others it is full discretion from start to finish. Even the name of the sender then suggests cosmetics or medical products rather than erotic toys. So if you want the contents of your package to be a secret, check if and how the store offers discreet shipping.

What is the return policy?

Erotic toys is quite a specific category of products. Remember that online stores have different approaches to returning purchased goods. This is especially true for used products (yes, these are also returned and complained). That is why I recommend getting acquainted with the return policy before making a purchase.

Are products well described?

Unfortunately, when buying online, there is no way to see and touch the merchandise. This is especially problematic in the case of toys for adults. I know from experience that a significant number of customers not only do not know what they want to buy, but even can not define their needs. Therefore, the seller should care that each product is described as well as possible. When buying over the Internet, the only thing we can take into account is the product photo, opinions and description. Therefore, a good description should include not only technical information, such as: material, size, functions and charging method. A proper description should suggest what the toy is best suited for, for whom it is intended, what distinguishes it and what we can expect from it.

What reviews does the store have?

And if you don’t want to check all these things yourself, then you can always relay on other people’s reviews. If a store has a lot of positive reviews and comments, it is a good sign. Also remember to give feedback yourself. This is much more helpful for both the store and other customers than you think.

Having already known the basics of shopping for erotic products online, now let’s see what types of online stores there are:

Sex shop online

In the era of dropshipping, which means sending goods through a supplier rather than a store, online sex shops are now very, very common. On top of that, most stationary stores also offer online sales. Prices on the internet are significantly lower. Although this is usually not the case with online stores belonging to companies with stationary stores. The advantage of online Sex Shops, is that they have a very wide selection of goods. Another benefit are the blogs available in the store site. These usually focus on giving advice on how to choose the perfect product for you and describe different types of products and compare them with each other.


  • Low prices
  • Large selection of products
  • Noone is ashamed to go to an online store
  • You can shop at the best online stores in the world


  • You could end up on an unsafe site and give them your personal and banking information
  • Not being able to physically see the product
  • You have to wait for delivery

For whom:
Online sex shop is an ideal solution for people who have time to browse the available offer and read about the products they are interested in. Sex shops online is also a very good solution for people who plan to buy erotic toys more than once.

Official manufacturer stores

The widespread use of the internet has meant that now manufacturers also have their own online stores. Buying on the official website of the manufacturer will not necessarily be cheaper than buying in an online sex shop. However, you can count on a detailed description of the products and in case of questions, the manufacturer will know all the answers best. In addition, most manufacturers give a long guarantee of quality and satisfaction of their products and accept returns without any problems.

Buying directly from the manufacturer, however, means that we have to know exactly what we want to buy. Also You can only choose between different models from the same manufacturer. In addition, it can mean very long shipping times if you buy from a manufacturer that is on the other side of the world.


  • Quality and satisfaction guarantees
  • Friendly return policy
  • Confidence that you are getting the original product
  • Manufacturer support in case of questions or problems


  • You have to know exactly what you want to buy
  • Long shipping time
  • Creating an account with each producer from whom you want to buy goods
  • Separate purchase history for each manufacturer

For Whom:
If you are a fan of a particular brand, know exactly what you want to buy, or only want to buy from stores you can trust, then buying directly from the manufacturer will be right for you.

Selling platforms

Amazon, aliexpres, you name it. Yes on these platforms you can also buy sex toys. Buying from official accounts of sex stores and manufacturers, is not much different from buying from their online stores. It is mainly a matter of where you want to set up your account. However, pay very close attention to products from unofficial sellers. The prices on these platforms can be so low that it’s a shame not to buy. But remember, that these products will come into contact with some pretty important places in your body and you shouldn’t push just anything there. When buying on selling platforms, you may come across products that are dangerous to your health, e.g. containing phthalates or made of low-quality materials such as gel. The descriptions are not always reliable either, there will be the basic technical information, but also every product will be the best in the world, the perfect stimulator that will meet all your needs, both present and future.

However, I will tell you a little secret. These types of platforms are the perfect place to quickly get rid of backlogged goods in stock and on store shelves. Which means that not all bargains mean suspect products. Sometimes it is just a single item which is not worth the space, larger quantities of previous generation products or simply products which do not sell (and then everything sells and you have to order again, because suddenly people start asking about these products 🙂 ). Therefore, in this case, in addition to the typical things you should pay attention to when shopping online, you should especially pay attention to whether the product you want to buy is safe.


  • Low prices
  • You can get very good bargains
  • Practically everyone already has an account on these platforms
  • Lots of feedback and comments


  • Not all products are safe
  • No guarantees or returns with unofficial sellers
  • Your ads will include erotic products now

For Whom:
Definitely for bargain hunters as these really are unique. It’s also good for people who like to do all their online shopping in one place. People curious about erotic toys that want to buy something fast will also benefit from these stores.

Where you buy erotic toys online depends solely on your preferences. For beginners Sex shops online are a good choice, because of large number of helpful texts that will definitely make the choice easier. On the other hand, buying on sale platforms, I would suggest only to people who already know what they want to buy and what they should avoid.

I hope that posts describing where to buy erotic toys in stationary stores and online stores will make your choice easier. This is especially true for people who are yet to buy their first adult toy.

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