The most interesting Polish sex shops

Sex stores, or their recently gaining popularity name erotic stores, are considered by many Poles to be the seat of sin and debauchery. There is often an opinion that only the most licentious people shop there. And yet, the sales and popularity of adult products in Poland grows year by year. That is why more and more stores are looking for their own niche, something that will not only allow them to escape from the bad image known from the 90’s, but also will make them stand out from others.

Nowadays, every erotic store, regardless of whether it is a stationary or online store, is moving away from displaying nudity, blunt vocabulary, and especially from providing sexual services. Modern adult toy stores focus on comfort, discretion in shopping and reliable assistance in product selection.

That’s why I took a look at Polish erotic stores, what they look like, what they specialize in and what makes them stand out. Below is a list of the most interesting Polish erotic stores.


Writing about the most interesting erotic stores in Poland, it is difficult not to mention the largest Polish network of sex shops, called Jes-Shop. Even for some Poles, it may come as a surprise, because they have never heard about it, or seen any of the 16 stores belonging to this network. However, the explanation to this mystery is very simple. All the stores belonging to this chain can only be found in the southwest of Poland.

While the Jest-Shop brand itself has existed for 23 years, the owner has been selling adult products for 40 years and is one of the first founders of such stores in Poland. The first Jest-Shop was established in Legnica and since its opening, it has been located in the same place for the whole time. With time, other stores started to open and in this way, today you can visit 13 stationary stores.

A list of all Jes-Shop stores is available here.

It would seem that a large network means a soulless corporation, for which only money counts and its employees are only small cogs of the great machine. But in this case it is quite the opposite. The large number of regular customers makes Jes-Shop, even in times of pandemic, a very stable place to work, whose salespeople stay with the network for many years. This also means that they have a lot of experience and knowledge about adult products, which they are happy to share with their customers.

“People who start working for us end up retiring,” said Piotr Jankowski, owner of the Jes-Shop chain.

However, as we all know, size is not the most important thing, and that is why having the most stores is not the only reason why Jes-Shop is on this list. There is a reason why I mentioned 16 stores at the beginning when the chain has 13 stationary stores. The other three are so called Erotic Kiosks.

Erotic Kiosk – intimate shopping without witnesses

Erotic Kiosk is a store where there are no shelves overflowing with erotic toys and no salesperson behind the counter. In Erotic Kiosk you can find vending machines where instead of soda or candy bar you can buy dolls, vibrators or masturbators. This is an ideal solution for hesitant people, who are ashamed to enter a classic stationary store and at the same time, for various reasons, do not want to make purchases online.

Erotic Kiosk provides probably the most intimacy and anonymous shopping experience you can get in an adult store. The more so because apart from paying by card, which, as we know, leaves its mark, you can also pay in cash. The chain worked on the idea for a year and a half, brought the right machines to Poland by itself and fine-tuned their functionality to adapt them to the sale of erotic gadgets.

Vending machines inside the Erotic Kiosk

Due to the ease of use, customers are very eager to visit Erotic Kiosks, which is why the vending machines are regularly replenished. People who want to make a purchase in a completely anonymous way or are interested in erotic related curiosities, should definitely visit one of the Erotic Kiosks.

You can find Jes-shop network website here.


Sorting trash, collecting plastic caps, using reusable bags, or living in the spirit of ‘zero waste’ does not surprise anyone anymore, in fact most of us are used to it. But the truth is that an ecological approach can be applied in every sphere of life, including the intimate one, which proves the first in Poland ecological Sex Shop called Tango, which as it says, “Helps to love EKO“.

Tango’s business card

Located in Polish city Łódź, the store opened in late 2020 due to the pro-ecology and pro-health attitude of its owner, Ms. Elwira Ruta. “Ecology is my passion, I feel it is the right thing to do and I should have opened this store long ago,” said the store owner.

Before opening her own store, Ruta had worked for 12 years for one of the big Polish erotic store chains. The experience and knowledge she gained over the years, combined with her pro-ecological attitude, resulted in the establishment of the Tango store, which enables Poles to bring ecology into their own bedrooms, too.

At an eco-friendly store, you won’t find the typical products and brands familiar from most stores. Instead, at Tango you will find both natural, biodegradable, completely organic and recyclable products. Instead of gel or rubber dildos, there are metal, ceramic or beautiful, hand-made wooden dildos. All available gels, lubes and cosmetics contain only natural and health-friendly ingredients.

One of the products which are especially praised by customers of Tango store, is a 100% natural potency product called Stand UP. In Poland it is available only in Tango, and its completely safe, natural and vegan potency product in liquid form, which positively affects male potency for up to 72 hours.

In the case of products which, for technical reasons, cannot be completely ecological (for example, the mechanical elements of vibrators) they use ecological materials where possible, or are made of a safe material such as medical silicone. Ecological fetish lovers will also find something for themselves at Tango. BDSM accessories are available in both genuine natural leather and vegan leather, and are packaged in eco-friendly cardboard packaging.

It should also be emphasized that the owner of the store does not limit her ecological activity only to her products. In 2021, Tango received a certificate of ‘Good Energy Company‘, which confirms that the store uses 100% renewable energy, and Tango actively participate in various pro-ecological events and actions around the city.

Tango store uses 100% green renewable energy sources

People who care about the environment and not only live, but also want to make love in an ecological way, should definitely visit Polish Sex Shop Tango.

To keep up to date with all the news that is happening in this store it is worth following Tango’s profile on Facebook and Instagram.


MySexShop is the youngest among all the stores on this list. Opened at the end of March 2021, it sells only through its website Despite the short period of existence, the store has already gained its first satisfied customers, who most often praise the large number of samples of lube or perfume with pheromones included with purchases.

Visiting the store website, you can immediately see that it is modern and easy to navigate. It can be certainly placed on a par with the best in Poland, while on the virtual shelves everyone will find what they are looking for. But what makes such a young shop as on this list? Here I will surprise you a little, because the reason is not on the store’s website, what distinguishes is the way in which the store runs its profiles in social media.

Many erotic stores have Facebook or Instagram accounts, but usually the only thing you can find there are posts informing about promotions, contests or available products, a typical marketing activity of stores from any industry. MySexShop, on the other hand, has a completely different approach, from the beginning of its existence, the store has decided that its social media profiles will be aimed at educational and informational activities.

“Sex is a completely human and natural thing, and our mission is to strip sex-related topics of their taboos. We want our posts, which contain reliable information confirmed by our experience or research, to be written in a light, pleasant and true way.” Said Ms. Katarzyna, responsible for social media of MySexShop store. “This way, we want to convince our customers that it is worth experimenting and trying something new.”

Whether on Facebook or Instagram, MySexShop regularly publishes posts where you can read about technical innovations in the world of erotic toys, learn what different toys are used for and how to use them, read interesting facts related to sexuality or learn about different fetishes and ways to stimulate the body. In short, their social profiles are a great treasury of knowledge about sex and erotic toys!

However, that is not all. MySexShop also conducts live Vlogs, during which it not only answers customers’ questions, but also explains how to choose the right product or interviews people associated with the erotic industry such as the famous Polish couple Owiaks Couple, sex worker Medroxy, or Polish Drag Queen Miss Effecta Simone Buttterfly.

You can follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Secret Place/reFForm

Secret Place/reFForm is one of the few Polish stores that has gained worldwide recognition. In 2018, both stores received the prestigious E.A.N. Ertoix Award – Retailer of the Year. Seemingly, these are two completely different stores with assortments aimed at different customer groups. Yet both are treated as one store for the EAN award as well as in this article. It is caused by the fact that the stores belong to one owner and both in Warsaw and in Poznań, where the Secret Place/reFForm stationary stores are located, in the same place.

Secret Place is a store which is closest in Poland to the term ‘luxury erotic store‘. Inside, you will find plenty of space, elegant decor and even a place to sit down and think about your purchase. The Secret Place is also distinguished from other stationary stores by its large number of testers. It does not matter whether it is a vibrator, massager, lube, scented candles or lingerie and accessories, most of the products available in the store can not only be seen, but also touched and within reason tested.

It is an extremely friendly store for people who feel intimidated by this kind of products. A customer entering the store is in no way attacked by lewd images or obscene products, on the contrary, the first time you enter the store you get the impression that it is a ‘normal’ store and only when you look closer you notice that you have entered a store with toys for adults.

However, everything changes when you go to the other part of the store and visit the reFForm Fetish Store. Not only then the look of the interior completely changes, but also the available assortment.

ReFForm Fetish Store as it writes about itself ‘is not a store for good boys’. While the store is mainly presented as a place for fetish lovers, you can see pretty quickly that reFForm is mainly aimed at men who are more demanding about their sex lives.

The store has a very wide selection of gadgets for lovers of fetish, anal sex, BDSM, fisting and other plays for the aforementioned naughty boys. However, it must be emphasized that this is not a store only for advanced customers. Clients who are just taking their first steps in the world of erotic gadgets and accessories will also find basic products such as masturbators, penis rings and prostate massagers.

ReFForm is also one of the few Polish stores that offers a wide selection of erotic and fetish clothing and underwear for men. Starting from jockstraps, sports shirts or socks to leather and rubber clothes or various types of harnesses and masks. It is a store where every man will be able to choose the right outfit for his needs without having to buy missing elements online.

What is also a very positive element of both Secret Place and reFForm is the very friendly and tolerant store staff. It does not matter whether the client is a woman who in Secret Place is looking for her first vibrator, or a man who in reFForm wants to fulfill his unusual fetish fantasies, in both cases you can count on reliable and professional help of salesperson, who patiently answer all your questions.

All this makes Secret Place/reFForm both the ideal stationary store for women and men, for people taking their first steps into the world of erotic toys, as well as for people. who have very particular, specific needs. That is why Secret Place/reFForm has been awarded by EAN as Best Retailer 2018.

For more information about the stores, visit the Secret Place and reFForm Fetish Store websites.

Alkowa Małżeńska

A lot of stores claim to be unique and different from the rest. However, it is Alkowa Małżeńska (Marriage Alcove) that can confidently say that it is a store like none other. Just the fact that this store is commonly referred to as ‘Sex Shop for Catholics‘ is enough to pique the interest of many people.

As you can read on the store’s website, “Building an atmosphere of intimacy in the marital alcove, giving a more solemn setting to such a special closeness is due to care for one of the most important links in the marriage bond of Catholic spouses.”

At Marriage Alcove you will not find adult toys or BDSM accessories. The offer of this store is addressed to married couples who want to lead their sexual life according to Christian teachings. The aim of the store is to inspire married couples to deepen their knowledge, create an appropriate mood or take care of their well-being and intimate zone. The store does not want to interfere with the natural way in which two people have sex, instead offering a wide assortment of products that is only meant to make so-called ‘foreplay‘ more attractive.

A large part of the store’s merchandise consists of various guides on the theology of the human body or psychology. You can find there books by Father Xavier Knotz, who was one of the first in Poland signaling the need of changes in the approach to sexuality among Catholics. In addition, the store offers lingerie, massage oils, moisturizing gels, intimate hygiene gels and even pregnancy tests.

While it may be questionable as to whether this is an erotic store, there is no denying that the store’s goal of helping married couples, living according to the teachings of the church, to achieve satisfying intercourse is very similar.

This is not a store for everyone. Those looking for new toys and sensations will not find anything for themselves there. However, if the goal is to improve intercourse by creating the right mood, and at the same time you want to avoid the sight of artificial penises so that you do not feel like a deviant, then Marriage Alcove is the perfect store.

To visit Alkowa Małżeńska webpage click here.

As you can see, Polish sex shops have undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years and, as with other industries, there are stores that target a very specific group of customers. It does not matter whether one wants to shop anonymously or ecologically, in accordance with one’s religion or in a luxury store. Everyone can find the right storein Poland for themselves these days.

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