Sexify from an industry perspective

A week ago, a new series called ‘Sexify’ appeared on Netflix. This is the second Polish production in recent times, which raises the subject of sex. Such productions only prove that erotica in Poland is becoming more and more popular, which is also seen by international producers. The series is very popular not only in Poland, but also in the world. In many countries Sexify is currently in the top 3 most popular productions on the Netflix platform. Let’s see how Sexify portrays its vision of sex in Poland.

At the beginning I would like to point out that this will not be a review of the series (and there will be no spoilers). I don’t specialize in acting, I’m also not an avid movie lover. I watched Sexify only because the series makes references to sex and erotic toys. I watched it from the point of view of someone who worked in both a sex shop and a porn publishing company.

Everyone just thinks about sex

Sexify tells the stories of 3 IT students who, in order to win a contest, work on an app designed to help women achieve orgasm. And to make things more interesting, all 3 protagonists have problems with achieving orgasm themselves. Natalia, is a programmer who has problems with social interaction and has never had anything to do with sex. Monika comes from a wealthy family and is very comfortable about sex and does it with random people, but she can’t reach orgasm if she doesn’t think about her ex-boyfriend Konrad. Paulina, on the other hand, is a polite Catholic who regularly confesses to having premarital sex. Unfortunately, her fiancé completely ignores her needs during intercourse. As a result their act of sex consists of a dozen or so thrusts in missionary position during which Paulina does not know what to do with herself.

The main characters of the series Sexify – Paulina, Natalia and Monika /@photo Netflix

Three female protagonists who have completely different experiences, yet each of them has the same problem. This confirms the fact that problems with achieving orgasm can affect any woman. And it doesn’t matter if you have an active sex life or not. As you can see in the series, in order to achieve sexual satisfaction you first need to know yourself and your body. I totally agree with this.

Just as in the case of men only 3% of the body is made up of erogenous zones, in the case of women it is as much as 15% of the body. This is the reason why there are so many different erotic toys for women available on the market. Every woman reacts differently to stimulation of particular areas and therefore without exploration of her own body and sexuality, it is difficult to achieve full sexual satisfaction.

Beauty of the real body

A series about sex could not lack nudity. Its absence would be at least strange, so already in the first seconds of the first episode you can see the main character’s breasts. For me it’s neither shocking nor exciting. Working in the porn industry one sees such things and more literally every day. I must admit, however, that I really like the way the nudity is shown in the series. Why? Well, mainly because they didn’t present any idealized actresses with perfect bodies, but normal regular girls.

For many years now, there has been talk about how porn distorts the image of sex among young people. Rocco Siffredi even devoted part of his latest book to this. In porn, sex is wild, rough and not very passionate. In Sexify, on the other hand, nudity and sex is clumsy and awkward, making it much more natural and easier to relate to one’s own experiences.

I especially liked the Jabba character. A balding short guy with a belly, and gay at the same time. I don’t know why there’s a stereotype in movies that every gay guy is a tall, handsome and fit guy. In my experience with clients, most gay men look like the typical guy you pass on the street every day, not a handsome magazine cover model. Therefore, here Sexify has a big plus for showing life as it is, instead of an fake image that has nothing to do with reality.

Pornography does not teach sex

As I’ve already mentioned about picking up behavioral patterns from pornographic movies, it’s also worth referring to this situation in the series. Paulina has discovered that Mariusz, her fiancé, is watching porn on his laptop. Of course, if you show a porn site, it has to be a black background with orange accents similar to the PornHub platform. Paulina watched the beginning of the video, which features a girl in a maid outfit. And what did she do? She went to the store and bought a maid outfit in hopes that it would make sex with Marius more passionate. It didn’t. Interestingly enough, later her fiancé himself said that he watched porn because he wanted to learn how to better satisfy his partner.

And this is the big problem of the present times. The large amount and easy access to pornography on the Internet makes many young people watch such productions and imitate them. And don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely not against pornography. But for me, learning sex from porn makes as much sense as learning how to drive a car by watching action movies. You might get to know something, but it has nothing to do with reality.

Pornographic films are not made for educational purposes, they are films in which professional (or not) actors play their roles. The purpose of these films is to give visual stimuli that satisfy the most varied fantasies of the viewer. Their purpose is to make masturbation more exciting, not to educate. This aspect of the script is positive even though it is not particularly developed.

The icing on the cake for me was the appearance on one of the videos watched by Paulina, the recently deceased Michał Kasprzak. Michał, known as Toxicfucker, was the most famous Polish porn actor, who died in October 2020 at the age of 35. He had over 150 pornographic productions to his credit. The actor also appeared on television in such series as “Klan” or “M jak miłość” and in the alternative theater “Terminus A Quo”.

Michal Kasprzak aka Toxicfucker in the Sexify / @photo Netflix
Sex shop not as scary as it seems

One of the things I was most interested in regarding Sexify was how the sex shops would be presented. Here I am very positively surprised. I was convinced that the sex shop will be shown in a stereotypical way as a place of harlotry and debauchery, where the first thing I see at the entrance is people whipping themselves (although even here the series did not disappoint me, but more on that later). And yet, what can be seen in the series is not far from the truth. Undoubtedly, sex shop Par l’amour presented itself very well. Its characteristic, very stylish interior not only sets the right mood while shopping, but also looks very good on screen.

I liked the scene where the saleswoman told the customer that used panties are not sold in a sex shop. This may seem absurd, but there are indeed such cases. While chasing such a customer away is completely pointless from the sales point of view, you can see here that the scriptwriter asked the sales staff about different experiences connected with working in a sex shop and used them in his story.

Vibrator or dildo?

The topic of erotic toys cannot be overlooked either. Admittedly, there aren’t many of them in the series. In fact, only rabbit vibrator Alice by Svakom was actually part of the plot and not just a background prop. I very quickly noticed that the characters when talking about Alice use the term dildo. At first I thought it was a mistake in the script. It turned out that it was on purpose, because the boy working in the sex shop was the only one who used the correct term, that is vibrator. I understand that in this way the series wanted to show how little people know about erotic toys and no matter what they have in their hands everything is thrown into one bag under the name of dildo.

Paulina and Alice /@photo Netflix

In fact, this is one of the biggest problems of the entire industry. The knowledge of erotic toys among people is practically non-existent. Customers coming to the store usually do not know what they want and for what purpose. Just like in the case of Natalia, everything is new and unclear to them. One might think that in the age of the Internet it is not a problem to read about erotic toys and find out what we need. But as I’ve written before, in a world where knowledge about sex comes from porn films, customers know practically nothing about erotic toys. And yet this is a very rapidly growing industry. Where regularly every few years new products appear that offer completely new types of stimulation. So why erotic toys are so unknown for so many people?

That’s why a very humorous element was a dildo made on a 3D printer by Natalia. I won’t dwell here on how important the material is in the case of erotic toys and using the any filament for this is an extremely bad idea. The mushroom which was created by adding together the likes of different women speaks for itself. Its appearance was so ridiculous and impractical that it simply screamed “IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE AN IDEAL DILDO FOR ALL WOMEN”.

The most important events in the industry

The erotic fair is the least successful part of Sexify. Of course, a smile immediately appeared on my face when the first thing I saw at the fair was men whipping themselves. This is probably the oldest stereotype associated with the industry. That doesn’t change the fact that the way the trade show was portrayed was very simplistic to say the least. What can be seen in the series more resembles some sort of erotic event with a few small sponsor booths than a real trade show.

First of all, erotic trade fairs are huge events filled with many people, which take place in big halls, not in some small hollow. In fact, they are an immensely important event for erotic toy manufacturers. Secondly, the purpose of the trade show is to showcase the merchandise, so there is very good lighting instead of semi-dark rooms. Further, small stands with a single table can be found at events. In the case of trade fairs, exhibitors’ booths range from 6 to 20 square meters and are filled with goods, advertising materials and testers. And the sheer number of exhibitors counts in tens, not on the fingers of one hand.

Is it worth watching?

I think the most important thing is that Sexify is not a series about sex and erotic toys in general. While those are themes that come up in the series, they are the backdrop for a completely different story. A story that talks about friendship, learning about yourself, and finding your own way in adulthood. The series touches on topics related to sex, but it feels very distanced with a deliberate, awkward sense of humor. The script does not delve deep into the topic of erotic toys or sex itself. The most developed theme is exploring own sexuality.

Was this what I expected before watching Sexify? Definitely not, I hoped it would be a production that would showcase the erotic industry to a much greater extent, and the variety of products it offers. In fact, I feel a little disappointed that the topic of erotic lingerie, where Polish brands are bought all over the world, has not been touched upon in any way.

Nevertheless, it is a simple, light and universal story, with which you may not burst out laughing, but still, there is plenty of situations that wink at the viewer. I watched Sexify with pleasure and I think it’s a series worth recommending.


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