PornHub has published a Transparency Report.

Recent months have been a very difficult time for PornHub. The latest events have caused the Canadian government to launch an investigation regarding the existing content on the platform and PornHub itself has removed more than half of the content. All this has meant that the service is starting to lose its partners and users. Therefore, in order to rebuild trust and increase security, PornHub has released its first Transparency Report.

PornHub’s problems

After an article published by the New York Times in early December 2020, PornHub came under fire from the media, NGOs and politicians. However, the most severe blow to the platform was the complete cutting of its partnership by MasterCard and Visa. The site, which had been earning big money by displaying almost 3 million ads a day, stopped receiving money through these two companies. PornHub responded by removing all content uploaded by unverified users – about 2/3 of all content on the site.

A significant reduction in available content has meant that the site, which was in the top 10 most popular websites in the world as recently as December 2020, now sits in 13th position according to similarweb. PornHub has also lost its position as the most popular adult site in the world. The site has been overtaken by the Xvideos and Xnxx platforms. Declining user numbers and the continued lack of cooperation with MasterCard and Visa are probably the main reasons why PornHub decided to create and publish a Transparency Report.

What does the Transparency Report contain?

The report is a comprehensive document that shows the ways in which user uploaded material is verified. The report addresses, one by one, the various potential ways of content violation and how it is moderated. It states that content verification is carried out both by artificial intelligence as well as a dedicated team of employees who perform verification 24 hours a day, all week long. The site stresses that it uses a variety of automated content moderation technologies, including algorithms created by such giants as Microsoft, YouTube and Google.

Content reported by users and various law enforcements is also verified. As we can read in the report, in 2020 the service received 1081 legal requests to remove content. Almost half of these came from the United States. The platform states that in 2020, 653,465 different types of content were identified as harmful and removed from the platform.

In addition to content deemed harmful, Pornhub also indicates that it systematically removes copyright infringing content. Here too, a dedicated team is set up to deal only with copyright infringement cases. That being said, in 2020, 106,841 videos were halted by artificial intelligence and a further 544,021 videos were removed by PornHub staff.

The full report is available here: Transparency Report

PornHub still has a long way to go to regain both its users and its partnership with MasterCard and Visa. Undoubtedly, the transparency report published by Pornhub is one of many steps to rebuild that trust. PornHub announces that these types of reports will now come out annually.

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