Poland is an emerging market in Europe

For many years sex shops in Poland had to face two big problems. The first was the fact that shops were identified with facilities such as go-go clubs or peep-show establishments. The second is that there was very little knowledge of the assortment that was available in sex shops at all. However, this is a thing of the past. Increasing awareness of Poles own sexual needs, more widespread access to knowledge on sexuality and the presence of the topic of sex and erotic toys in films and series have meant that more and more Poles are buying erotic toys. For this reason, Poland is increasingly recognised as an important European market for intimate products.

EDC and Joydivision sites now in Polish language

Over the past month, two world-renowned companies EDC Retail Group and JOYDIVISION international AG have made their websites available in Polish language. EDC, which owns the Easy Toys brand and from 2019 owns the Beate Ushe Group (Beate Ushe-Rotermund opened the first sex shop in the world in 1962) at the beginning of March created a new platform called ONE-DC where among 5 others, there is Polish language. Also a few days ago the German manufacturer Joydivision, whose AquaGlide and BioGlide lubes are very popular in Poland, added Polish language support to its website.

Evertine Magerman responsible for PR and communications at EDC said that “Poland is an economically strongly emerging market. Therefore, the Polish erotic market is modern, rapidly developing and quickly adapting to new trends.

Asked what made the 6 available languages include Polish, Evertine Magerman replies “As EDC Wholesale is expanding into all European countries, we felt it was the right time to better support the Polish business. EDC has been doing business in Poland for years. However, we have been lacking proper support here. By integrating Polish support both on the website and in the sales team, we aim to become an important and trustworthy supplier to the Polish market. EDC highly values each person’s right to Sexual Wellness, so this is one of the key reasons why we want to offer our services to Polish retailers.

Why are Poles buying more adult products?

Due to the pandemic, many industries are currently in crisis, but the complete opposite is evident in the erotic industry. A restriction on available entertainment, spending more time at home with a partner, and seeking solace from the stress of the pandemic in sex has made Poles more likely to reach for erotic toys. While indoor shops have been affected by the pandemic and lockdown, they were not forced to close due to lockdown, unlike many other types of services. For online shops, on the other hand, 2020 was an exceptionally good year. A change in consumer behaviour involving much more frequent use of online shops has meant that online sex shops are breaking sales records.

Sales across the globe have been shifting from brick-and-mortar to online stores due to covid, and in Poland we’ve been seeing similar developments. However the brick-and-mortar retail in Poland is still very big and an important chain in the total market. We definitely looking to serve and support offline businesses to our best ability too. Our mindset and mission for Poland is to become the most valuable partner in Sexual Wellness.” Evertine Magerman adds.

It’s not just about pandemics, Sex shops and movies contribute too

The strong emphasis that erotic shops put on education is also very important. Greater awareness of their own needs makes Poles more willing to reach for products that allow them to satisfy them. Sex shops for several years now have been cooperating with sexologists and doctors. Therefore, any lack of knowledge about sex and erotic toys can now be easily supplemented on the blogs of online shops.

One cannot forget about the film “365 Days” based on a bestseller novel by Blanka Lipińska, which had a similar effect in Poland as “50 Shades of Gray” had in the world. Moreover, in just a few days, there will be another Polish production created by Netflix called ‘Sexify’. All this together makes Poles more curious and willing to explore their sexuality, and the erotic industry in Poland is getting better and better every year.

The emerging position of Poland as a strong market for adult products will not only make it much easier for Poles to find products that meet their expectations, but will also help shift the barrier of shame and taboo that Poles have about their own sexuality. It will certainly not be a sexual revolution, but the more people in Poland are aware of their needs and willing to talk about them, the more intimate products will gain in popularity.

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