Penises getting smaller because of phthalates.

It has been known for many years that phthalates are dangerous chemicals and should be avoided. For this reason, manufacturers of branded erotic toys have long since stopped using these substances. Unfortunately, phthalates can still be found in cheap, non-certified erotic products. Dr Shanna Swan has added a new point to the long list of health risks posed by phthalates in the form of smaller and deformed children’s genitalia.


Phthalates are characterised by the fact that they are not bound to synthetic materials in a permanent way. This means that they volatilise over time and seep into the things they come into contact with. Therefore, it is especially important to avoid them in erotic toys. In the end we use them next to very delicate parts of our bodies. Excessive contact with phthalates can lead to hormonal imbalance, cause infertility and increase the risk of asthma and allergies.

Dr Shanna Swan, in her book called ‘Count Down’, writes that increasing exposure to phthalates, which mimic estrogen, negatively affects the endocrine system and disrupts hormone production. The result is an increasing number of children born with smaller or deformed penises. Dr Swan based her work on a series of peer-reviewed scientific studies. Among other things, she discovered that male children who were exposed to phthalates in the mother’s womb had a smaller anogenital distance, which correlates with penile volume.

Unfortunately, the ISO standard for erotic toys is still being developed. This means that there are still no top-down rules for the materials used. Therefore, remember, it is best to buy only branded erotic toys. This way you will take care of both, you and your future offspring.

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