#UnmutePleasure Womanizer defies Instagram censorship

A few days ago, without giving any reason or warning, Instagram completely deleted the account belonging to the well-known sexual wellness brand, Womanizer. The brand, disagreeing with the platform’s actions and its approach to sex-positive messages, is using the #UnmutePleasure campaign to draw attention to Instagram’s discriminatory policy against sexual positive content and calling on its followers to fight for the reinstatement of the account on Instagram.


Womanizer is more than just their products

The emergence of Womanizer and the Pleasure Air technology in 2014, completely revolutionized the adult market. Womanizer has created a completely new type of stimulation using air waves, which has gained recognition and sympathy of women around the world.

Just as importantly, however, the brand has encouraged an open dialogue about sexuality and pleasure since its earliest days. It has supported equality and diversity of all sexualities and has actively, together with sex education experts, promoted valuable knowledge about human sexuality.

Womanizer exemplifies a brand that not only offers its customers unforgettable pleasure, but also, by promoting a positive image of sexuality, fights the stigma experienced by the adult industry as a whole.

Such a view can now be seen by going to the Womanizerglobal account

Womanizer does not give up

Yesterday the brand, in partnership with sister brands We-Vibe and Arcwave, made the announcement:

Womanizer, a global sexual wellness brand that is taking a stand against social media bans. Despite Womanizer’s positive, tasteful content encouraging empowerment and self-love, Instagram shut down its account (with no warning) on August 3rd, disappointing 80k+ followers as well as limiting its reach to expand its loving and enthusiastic community. This isn’t the first time Instagram has targeted Womanizer and other sex-positive communities on their platform. Instagram has a history of flagging Womanizer and similar accounts for violating community guidelines for harmless photos.

Meanwhile, other sex-positive Instagram accounts are allowed to continue posting significantly more suggestive photos without any interference. #UmutePleasure seeks to showcase the sexist guidelines that both Instagram and Facebook have in place. Men can be free to showcase their nipples while women are banned and their posts are blocked. Woman celebrating and reclaiming their body and sexuality for their own pleasure (like Womanizerglobal’s Instagram) are “violating community guidelines”, but women posing to please the male gaze is completely acceptable under Instagram’s terms. These guidelines are outdated, restrictive and serve one very simple purpose: to restore conservative gender roles and fight female empowerment.

To fight the suspension, Womanizer is launching the #UnmutePleasure campaign in partnership with sister brands We-Vibe and Arcwave, along with key influencers, bloggers, publications, and sexperts to spotlight Instagram’s discriminatory policies against sex positive brands.

MAKE SOME NOISE #UnmutePleasure
Tell Instagram they’ve made a mistake by following the below steps:
– Go to ‘Settings
– Click on ‘Help
– Click on ‘Report a problem
– Select ‘General Feedback‘ from the options menu
– Type the following and press send: “Please reactivate @Womanizerglobal on Instagram

No to sexuality and erotica

The mysterious sudden removal of accounts on Instagram, without any warnings, is not something new for this platform. It is such a common practice that it even has its own name: ‘Instagram Shadowban‘. Recently, the Pornhub platform lost an account this way, which Instagram later explained as an accidental mistake.

Additionally, the platform has been steadily adding more restrictions in response to allegations of promoting erotic content to minors. Recently, Instagram introduced a Sensitive Content Control feature that removed posts that the platform deems ‘sexually suggestive or violent’ from its ‘Explore’ section.

Instagram’s approach to promoting positive sexuality is unlikely to change. The fear of restrictions and penalties that may be imposed by various countries is much stronger than the will to promote knowledge about the positive aspects of human sexuality. The only thing we can hope for is that the #UnmutePleasure campaign will lead to the restoration of the Womanizer account.

Therefore, judge for yourself if deleting Womanizer’s account on Instagram is the right thing to do by visiting the brand’s other social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

If you feel that the content Womanizer is sharing is not worthy of having an account deleted, then follow the steps outlined above and submit your opinion about it to Instagram. Don’t let exploring own sexuality be something we should be ashamed of.


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