About ErotisNews

For people who are not interested in toys, parties, sex or pornography, there are apparently several names, brands or titles they have heard about. And they are absolutely not to blame for this, I know perfectly well how most mainstream media avoid sex and eroticism because they consider them controversial, dangerous or offensive. But the truth is that the erotic world, as soon as you get to know it, is not inferior, but fascinating!

The number of erotic gadgets available on the market, visitors to fairs and events, actresses and actors, websites and the possibilities that are at everyone’s reach is simply incredible. No matter if you prefer masturbation, monogamy or polygamy, no matter what your preferences, orientations or fetishes are, there is something for everyone in this modern world.

Taking into account the above, I decided to create ErotisNews – a website where I share with you the latest information from the world of eroticism and my own thoughts and experience, which I gained while working in direct contact with the erotic, pornographic and sexworking industry.

By setting up ErotisNews I have set myself 3 main priorities that I want to follow:

1. Respect the erotic industry

Do not treat eroticism, pornography and sexworking as something inferior, controversial and forbidden, as other media do. Present and describe everything in a professional, cultural and reliable way without overtones, lies or stereotypes.

2. Present the latest information

I want ErotisNews to be a place where people interested in active erotic life, gadgets and erotic events and fairs can read the latest news and stay up to date with everything that is happening in the world of erotica.

3. Educate and help

I would like to share my own knowledge and thoughts with people who are just starting to explore the world of erotica. With people who want to understand their own needs and find a way to fulfil them. I want to share how to overcome the barrier of shame and shyness that society imposes on people, so that everyone can take the first steps towards an active erotic life at their own pace.

I hope that my work will be helpful and valuable to you. One thing is certain, for ErotisNews sex, eroticism and pornography is not and will not be a taboo here!